You Don't Want These 17 Qualities in a Crush ...


Your crush may be cute, but would he be good for you?

You should figure that out before you make a move on him.

After all, you don't want to end up with a broken heart.

Here are a few qualities you never want in a crush:

1. Short-tempered


If he gets angry easily, you're always going to be getting into fights.

He might even take things a step too far and resort to physical violence.

You don't want a man with anger issues.

2. Conceited


He should be confidence, but he shouldn't be conceited.

If he thinks he's the best thing in the world, he'll treat you like you're inferior.

3. Dishonest


You can't have a healthy relationship with a liar.

If he's comfortable fibbing about one thing, he'll fib about a lot more things.

4. Unreliable


You need someone you can count on.

If you can't ask him for a ride home or to keep a promise, why would you want to date him?2

5. Rude


You don't want a man who's rude to waiters, his mother, or you.2

You're an amazing woman.

You deserve a decent guy.

6. Close-minded


There's absolutely no excuse for being close-minded in this day and age.

He shouldn't be racist, homophobic, or disrespectful to any other humans.

7. Entitled


If he thinks that he deserves the world, he isn't going to treat you right.

He'll assume that you'll never leave him, which means he won't put any effort into the relationship.

8. Critical


If he criticizes you for the way you dress, speak, or eat, you shouldn't be with him.

He should never point out your flaws.

9. Snobby


Snobby people look down on everyone else.

They treat you like you're lesser, but healthy relationships are all about equality.

10. Superficial


You don't want a man who's obsessed with his own looks.

He'll never let loose and dance in the rain with you, because he'll be too worried about what his hair will look like if he gets it wet.

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