You'll Be Happier πŸ˜€ if You Break ❌ These Relationship πŸ’ Rules ...


Falling in love is easy but making your relationship work requires a lot of patience, time and effort on your behalf.2

Due to al the advances in technology, our lives have changed significantly over the past years and relationships have evolved as well.

That’s why even the most trusted and the most infallible relationship rules can now seem obsolete.

Some of those rules for a happy relationship are in fact relationship myths that are not even true.

Here is why you will be happier if you break these relationship rules:

1. Not Going to Bed Angry

Even though this is a piece of advice that people often give to young couples, it doesn’t mean that you should never break this relationship rule.2

For example, it’s not always a good idea to stay up and resole all your differences because you might say something that you will later regret.

In that situation, getting a good night sleep is a better idea since it will help you clear your mind and you will manage to see things from a different perspective, avoiding a potential conflict between you and your partner.

Your Partner Should Be Your Best Friend


I think 1&2 are really wrong, you go to bed with bad thoughts you wake up w/ the same thoughts. Just my opinion but most of the "relationship" articles on here are way off.
These are not relationship rules. They aren't even "ideals". Learn to live by the golden'll have more success.
Silly article. Based on opinion
Amanda Shaw
Renee thats not called compromise what you described is Synergy!
Shouldn't compromise? Shouldn't go to bed angry? That going to bed angry rule is there for a reason. Many people die in there sleep. I WOULD KNOW.
Who ever said you shouldn't compromise? A compromise is coming to an agreement on a situation that will satisfy both partners permanently. Amanda shaw a compromise IS coming up with an alternative solution that accommodates each partner. If there is resentment later on down the road that means they were never satisfied with the compromise but settled anyway without fighting for what will make them happy as well.
Ayshah Nabeelah
It's pretty hard to catch up with sleep when something is bothering you unless you really don't care about it
Amanda Shaw
I disagree with the last one, compromising is just a temporary way for you to agree. However later on down the road resentment settles in and thats when the fights start. Is a vicious circle. In order to break that habit as well... You don't compromise you come up with an alternative solution that both fits the wants and desires each partner.
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