You're in Love, Now What?


Love isn't always like an Ed Sheeran song. It doesn't always happen like it does in a John Green book. But girls, when it happens, what the heck do you do now? Do you tell your partner you are in love? Do you sit back and wait for them to express their love first? Don't you worry, I got you covered and I'm going to give you advice for when Cupid finally strikes you right in the heart.

1. Admit You're in Love to Yourself First

Sounds simple, right? NOT! It took me so long to finally own up to the butterflies in my stomach every single time my (now wife) would call me 'my love'! I couldn't get this girl out of my head and if it's like that with the boy or girl you are dating, own up to it. You're in love. Say it with me: I'm in love. Feels nice to admit it out in the open, right?

Don't Push Your Partner Away


I made a plan to text my boyfriend a piece of his letter randomly. I went on with it for about a month. Sending one piece of the letter a week. Before I finished it I concluded with now you have to wa...
Ed Sheehan songs are actually on point
I finally hit the admitting to myself stage when I accidentally said it to my bf in my sleep. He confronted me about it the next morning and we had an awkward conversation and I basically said it. He ...
I really want to tell him but dont know what he will say!im sooooo worried
We pretended to be in an relationship and I guess he liked it because when we were alone he asked me if I really loved him and I said yes do u? And he said yes and we are now together but I don't know...
My current boyfriend and I knew it at first sight. But the way I first was told that he loved me was not what I expected. He had fallen asleep on one of our Skype chats due to a killer migraine and he...
My bf and I were in a fight but when we made up, I asked if he was still mad and he said "You can't stay mad at someone you're in love with"
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