You're Not Picky πŸ™„ for Wanting These 17 Things in a Relationship πŸ’ ...


Some women are told that they're too picky, even though they're just looking for a decent man.2

However, you should never lower your standards.

After all, you're not picky for wanting these things in a relationship:

1. Someone Who Listens

Someone Who Listens

You're not boring, so your man shouldn't think that you are.3

He should enjoy listening to what you have to say.

Someone Who Likes You for More than Sex


I just don't agree with #7. Not forgetting a special date and buying presents are two different things. And part of being understanding of one another implies in knowing that gifts, even small ones, are not always possible. Also, we MUST try and be sustainable with our shopping and gift-giving, specially when it's someone who we'll be doing it often.
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Its picky at all ur partner has to have this qualities , great article
Kylee Thompson
This was such a sweet article!
This is a great article...simple, concise and true. Simply know your worth.
Great points. Need more articles like this from what women deserve and not always how we should please the men.
Ramya Shikari
Need more tips from u n ur articles r too good
Not little gifts tho idrc bout that
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