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10 Cool Things about Men ...

By Melanie

Men, men, men … they are fun to be around, sometimes and yes, I will admit that they have an interesting side to them. They’re creatures of this land that we just have to live with. Men and women will never be able to understand one another – no matter how hard we try. This blog posting is intended to make you laugh, but at the same time, I will include some serious things in it. Surely, you can tell when I mean serious business and when I’m in it for laughs. Let me give you 10 cool things about men …

10 Video Camera

Uh oh! A man and a video camera – where is this going to go? If your man has just got his hands on a video camera, for the first couple of months, you need to lock the bathroom door when you go in there. You wouldn’t want the film to end with a scream with you on the toilet now would you. Yes, men and their video cameras.

9 Phones

Men like phones, but they don’t want just any phone! It has to be a phone with tons of buttons, even if he does not know what those buttons are for and does not plan on using them – all of those buttons make him feel more important.

8 Hands up, I Have an Eyelash Curler

When I first showed my husband an eyelash curler, it was a funny sight. Why do I put that thing up to my eye like that? I have come to the conclusion that for some protection, all you have to do is keep one of those things under your pillow – just kidding.

7 Sensitive

Oh yes, men are sensitive, but they won’t let you se it. They have strange ways that they are sensitive. For example, a man goes out and builds a fire. The log does not burn. Oh goodness, the log didn’t burn, now he is going to take it too personally.

6 Clothing

Men don’t really care much about clothing. They don’t take it as serious as we do. I have yet to see a man walk through the doors of an event and say “Oh my gosh! Do you see that guy over there? He has the same exact tuxedo on as I do! I have got to change.”

5 Classical Music

You can either disagree or agree with me on this one – men who listen to classical music, have you noticed anything about them? They don’t spit.

4 Hanging Message

If you leave that guy hanging like “I have something to tell you … never mind” do you know what he is going to do? He is going to jump to a conclusion that it is something he did.

3 Overreacting

No, I am not saying that guys overreact, but I am sure there are plenty out there that do. I am saying that guys hate those type of girls that overreact on everything.

2 Average Height

For number 2 and number 1, we are going to jump on to a serious note. The average height for men living in the United States is 5’9”. The average weight for a man in the USA is around 190 pounds. During the year 1960, the average height was 5’8”, while the average weight was 1600 pounds.

1 Dads

In the United States, out of over one hundred and fifty one million men, there are around 64.3 men that are fathers. Aww, how cute – but how many of them act like a father should act like? Some aren’t as blessed as my little girl and I – we both have good fathers.

There you have 10 cool things about men. Hey, I think it’s cool! Guys, if you just got done reading this post, don’t think I am making fun of you – there’s a lot I can say about us girls too! So, would you like to add something funny or serious in here?

Top Photo Credit: Abdullah Al-قdeeri

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