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Although there are plenty of other gifts you can send to your loved ones besides flowers, sometimes a beautiful bouquet of blossoms really is the best gift. There are tons of flowers you can send to the people who mean the most of you, but sometimes making the right choice is difficult. There are so many different varieties out there, you have to know what's available! Hopefully, these 10 gorgeous flowers you can send will give you some ideas.

1. Lilies

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Lilies are extremely popular flowers to send, because they're hardy but still beautiful. Plus, there are all kinds of choices within that breed of blooms. Calla lilies are a great choice, but if you want a little more color, tiger lilies are amazing. I'm personally a huge fan of stargazer lilies, because they do look like lovely stars that have fallen out of the sky.

2. Daisies

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A lot of people love daisies, and they are an inherently friendly flower. They're the perfect blossoms to send to someone who's not feeling well, whether they're sick or just feeling down in the dumps. Gerbera daisies are probably the most popular kind, because they are so bright and vivacious.

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No list would be complete without roses, which are probably the most popular flowers ever. Sometimes they seem a little done, but there are so many new variations and hybrids that you really can't go wrong with them. Plus, each different color of rose has its own meaning, so you can find a rose for every occasion.

4. Lilacs

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I adore lilacs, though sadly they are very seasonal. Once they bloom, however, they are a great flower to send and receive. They smell so sweet and they are hugely evocative of summer. Something about them is so romantic, and because they're a unique choice, they'll really mean a lot to the recipient.

5. Tulips

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Tulips sometimes get a bad rap as a common kind of flower as well, but that's so far form the truth. Tulips are bright and vibrant, and they're great to send during the spring. They are large and lush and often so lovely that they don't even look real!

6. Orchids

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Orchids are my very favorite flowers to receive. You can send them as bouquets, where they make up beautifully, or you can send a loved one a potted orchid, so they can keep it forever. Orchids are just so classy and beautiful, they make gorgeous arrangements, and they're quite meaningful as well.

7. Gardenias

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Many people hardly seem to think about gardenias anymore, which is really a shame. They're actually a great flower to send to someone you have a crush on, especially if you're not ready to tell the person yet. Plus they have a really lovely scent, and the blossoms are gorgeous.

8. Peonies

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Peonies are enormous, vibrant blossoms. Like daisies, they just look friendly. They are leonine flowers, because of their lovely, bushy blossoms. Here's another secret: they are actually considered to be aphrodisiacs, so you might definitely want to take a second look!

9. Irises

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Irises are another unique but great flower to send. Again, a lot of people give them short shrift, but I love irises. They're gorgeous on their own, but they also make a great arrangement when combined with other flowers, like roses, lilies, or tulips.

10. Violets

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Lastly, if you want something really original, think about sending some violets. They're a great choice to send to shy or modest people – the phrase β€œshrinking violet” doesn't exist for nothing, after all! Plus, they have an incredible meaning, especially the blue variety which signifies that you'll always be true to the recipient.

As you can see, there are lots of flowers you can send to the people you care about the most. Of course, you should always take their thoughts and preferences into consideration. However, when thinking about the most gorgeous flowers you can send, you should also think about your relationship to the recipient. What are your favorite flowers to give and receive?

Top Photo Credit: Mayflor Markusic

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