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21 Positive Signs a Guy is in Love with You for Girls Who Cant Tell ...

By Cassandra

We've all been there. Whenever your boyfriend walks into a room, your hands start sweating and your heart won't stop racing. You're so comfortable around each other that it's hard to think of a time when you weren't together. Those are just a few obvious signs that you've fallen *hard*. But trying to figure out how he feels always sends you into Nancy Drew mood. If you're happy with how things are but can't help that little voice that wants to know if your man really feels the same, these surefire signs that he loves you will clear everything up.

Table of contents:

  1. You know you can always look forward to a "good morning" text, even if you go to sleep upset
  2. When you're out with your girls, he'll stay up just to text/tell you "good night"
  3. He knows you have major morning breath going on but will kiss you anyway
  4. He's not annoyed (or pretends he's not) when you drag him to sephora for the 30th time. marry him right now
  5. He understands that pms is a b*tch and will do drugstore runs without you asking
  6. His buddies constantly make fun of him because he won't. shut. up. about you
  7. When he's out with his best friend, he'll say "i was thinking about you" or "the three of us should [insert activity] next time"
  8. He pays attention when you go off on another 30-minute rant about your bff; family; co-worker
  9. When you complain about your bff or family, he knows not to join in. only you can do that!
  10. (he also knows you don't really mean it.)
  11. Half of his facebook statuses are dedicated to bragging about your accomplishments - big or small
  12. He doesn't need to check his phone every five seconds when he's with you
  13. He talks about future plans like they're a given. "there's this place i'm dying to go to for my birthday next year. you'll love it."
  14. He's super close with your parents and siblings. (it's a bit embarrassing just how much they love him.)
  15. Or if they're not big fans of him, he'll go out of his way to impress them. all because he wants to make you happy
  16. When you're not together, you have entire conversations via emojis and gifs
  17. You're a priority to him, *not* an option
  18. Exhibit a: it's already assumed that you're his permanent plus one to all family events
  19. Exhibit b: he can be super pissed at you but still looks out for you
  20. Exhibit c: he can build a shrine with all of the things he's saved from your relationship. funny birthday cards, gag gifts, he's kept them all
  21. He may not say "i love you" often, but he'll go out of his way to make sure that you feel it

1 You Know You Can Always Look Forward to a "Good Morning" Text, Even if You Go to Sleep Upset

2 When You're out with Your Girls, He'll Stay up Just to Text/tell You "Good Night"

3 He Knows You Have Major Morning Breath Going on but Will Kiss You Anyway

4 He's Not Annoyed (or Pretends He's Not) when You Drag Him to Sephora for the 30th Time. Marry Him Right Now

5 He Understands That PMS is a B*tch and Will do Drugstore Runs without You Asking

6 His Buddies Constantly Make Fun of Him Because He Won't. Shut. up. about You

7 When He's out with His Best Friend, He'll Say "I Was Thinking about You" or "the Three of Us Should [insert Activity] Next Time"

8 He Pays Attention when You Go off on Another 30-minute Rant about Your BFF; Family; Co-worker

9 When You Complain about Your BFF or Family, He Knows Not to Join in. Only You Can do That!

10 (He Also Knows You Don't Really Mean It.)

11 Half of His Facebook Statuses Are Dedicated to Bragging about Your Accomplishments - Big or Small

12 He Doesn't Need to Check His Phone Every Five Seconds when He's with You

13 He Talks about Future Plans like They're a Given. "There's This Place I'm Dying to Go to for My Birthday Next Year. You'll Love It."

14 He's Super Close with Your Parents and Siblings. (It's a Bit Embarrassing Just How Much They Love Him.)

15 Or if They're Not Big Fans of Him, He'll Go out of His Way to Impress Them. All Because He Wants to Make You Happy

16 When You're Not Together, You Have Entire Conversations via Emojis and Gifs

17 You're a Priority to Him, *NOT* an Option

18 Exhibit a: It's Already Assumed That You're His Permanent plus One to All Family Events

19 Exhibit B: He Can Be Super Pissed at You but Still Looks out for You

20 Exhibit C: He Can Build a Shrine with All of the Things He's Saved from Your Relationship. Funny Birthday Cards, Gag Gifts, He's Kept Them All

21 He May Not Say "I Love You" Often, but He'll Go out of His Way to Make Sure That You Feel It

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