5-Minute Makeup Routine for Girls with Glasses ...


If you wear glasses, you know how much attention they can draw to your face. That's why you always want to look your best. Take advice from Real Simple and follow this five-minute makeup routine:

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Set Your Powder

Set Your Powder This will keep your glasses from slipping throughout the day.


Apply Concealer

Apply Concealer Your glasses can work as magnifying glasses, and you don't want all of those wrinkles to be visible.


Apply Your Eye Shadow

Apply Your Eye Shadow Put on a neutral shadow, making sure to cover your lash line to your brow bone.


Apply Your Eyeliner

Apply Your Eyeliner Draw a thick line across your upper lids while leaving your lower lids alone.


Apply Mascara

Apply Mascara Apply two coats, but only to your upper lashes. Make sure you use a volumizing brand instead of a lengthening brand, because you don't want your lashes to hit up against your glasses.


Brush Your Brows

Brush Your Brows Brush them up and out to make them look thicker.


Apply Your Lipstick

Apply Your Lipstick Try wearing a dark shade of red. They go perfect with glasses!

What do you usually wear beneath your specks?

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Her eyebrows are so nice! 😍


Love the look! So simple:-)

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