8 Reasons for Reduced under-the-Sheet Action ...


Did you know that more than 40 million Americans lead what is known as a sexless life? This means that they have sex less than a dozen times in an entire year. Yikes! Women of the 21st century are getting a lot less under-the-sheets action than their counterparts who lived 50 years ago. But what are the possible reasons that could be causing the dry spell? Here are the top 8 culprits.

1. You Are Super Busy

The average modern woman works, looks after the family, drops the kids to school, handles a part time job from home, cooks, cleans, keeps the house, attends PTAs, and drives the kids to soccer practice. All this with just two hands! No wonder the only thing she turns to her bed to is sleep.

Your Bedroom Turns You off


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9. You're in Love
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