8 Reasons for Reduced under-the-Sheet Action ...


8 Reasons for Reduced under-the-Sheet Action ...
8 Reasons for Reduced under-the-Sheet Action ...

Did you know that more than 40 million Americans lead what is known as a sexless life? This means that they have sex less than a dozen times in an entire year. Yikes! Women of the 21st century are getting a lot less under-the-sheets action than their counterparts who lived 50 years ago. But what are the possible reasons that could be causing the dry spell? Here are the top 8 culprits.

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You Are Super Busy

The average modern woman works, looks after the family, drops the kids to school, handles a part time job from home, cooks, cleans, keeps the house, attends PTAs, and drives the kids to soccer practice. All this with just two hands! No wonder the only thing she turns to her bed to is sleep.


Your Bedroom Turns You off

The bedroom is meant for sex, sex, and more sex. Oh, and of course for sleep. However, if you use it to catch up on last minute work, net-surfing, watching movies, all that technology, not to mention the distraction, is bound to lead to insomnia. In addition, it’s going to snuff out your sex life as well.


You Don’t Love Yourself

It is not uncommon for women to withdraw from sex due to lack of confidence in their looks or body. This can happen especially after pregnancy when they are conscious of a change in their body shape.


Your Medicines Are to Blame

A lot of medicines are notorious for stealing your sex drive – even those oral contraceptives you are popping to enjoy guilt free sex. They contain estrogen, which boosts the production of the sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) protein. This protein traps testosterone thereby affecting your libido.


You’re Sick

Chronic illnesses such as thyroid, anemia, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, or diabetes are bound to leave women drained of the energy, unable to enjoy the act of sex. In addition, the medicines you are on also go a long way in robbing you of your sex drive.


Your Man’s Disinterested

Problems between husband and wife can find their way into the bedroom and eventually end up hurting your sex life. Sometimes husbands are looking to spice up the sex life but find themselves confronted with a reluctant wife. That can do a lot to stall their engines and lose interest in sex.


You’re Suffering from Depression

There are any number of reasons why you could be suffering from depression – a hectic lifestyle, poor finances, personal issues, medical problems, or dissatisfaction with your current lifestyle. No matter what the reason might be, depression only serves to compound them. Women, when in depression, isolate themselves from their partners, putting a strain on even the strongest and most romantic relationship and killing sexual desire in the process.


You Are Addicted to Your Vibrator

At times when a woman is no longer getting the kind of sexual satisfaction she wants from a guy, she may inevitably reach for the vibrator. And although having sex toys can definitely perk up your love life, if you depend on them solely or prefer them to your real life partner that can become a huge problem.

There you have it – the top kill bills that are hacking your sex life to pieces. Which one’s true for you? More importantly, what are you going to do about it?

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