8 Sporty Presents under 50 ...


8 Sporty Presents under 50 ...
8 Sporty Presents under 50 ...

If you’re not a sporty person, getting a present for one may be the toughest choice you’ve faced with recently. I must admit that this type of clothes isn’t really welcome in my closet either, although being surrounded with sporty people kind of taught me a thing or two. Now, since being nearly broke can make this shopping experience even worse, I’ve decided to make this list of 8 presents that cost less than 50 dollars. So take a peep and have a good shopping!

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Nike Sami 3.0 Tote

Nike Sami 3.0 Tote Price: $40.00 at zappos.com
Your sporty BFF wouldn’t have a problem matching this tote with that brand new pair of sneakers! If she prefers white sneakers, opt for this combination of colors but you don’t need to get all desperate even if she doesn’t, because you can also get it in black and red. Cool, huh? I’d love getting this tote even though I don’t have any sneakers to wear it with. Hell, I’d buy a pair!


BodyFit Yoga Kit

BodyFit Yoga Kit Price: $29.99 at sportsauthority.com
At Sports Authority, 30 bucks will buy you one of the best presents you can get for a girl (or guy) who can’t make it through the day without practicing this special art that strengthens the body and relaxes the mind.


Nike 6.0 Printed Surf Shorts

Nike 6.0 Printed Surf Shorts Price: $38.40 at zappos.com
Can he imagine good times without his surfboard and huge waves? Probably yes – with you! So, here’s a way to show him you appreciate his skills or at least like the way he looks soaking wet. LOL! You are his girl so you got to admit the guy has great taste – Right? Well, that’s why he’ll definitely look forward to summer and showing off his gorgeous girl and a brand new “gear” on the beach. Surfboard can stay at home…


Gaiam Rodney Yee's Yoga Ball Beginners Kit

Gaiam Rodney Yee's Yoga Ball Beginners Kit Price: $29.99 at sportsauthority.com
Is she trying to get fit or looking for an interesting way to stay fit? Well, this yoga kit for beginners contains everything she’ll need to start practicing this interesting, soothing sport. The set contains a special, anti burst ball, 30 minute workout video, a pump, special yoga gloves and a strap. All these together make an ideal beginner’s kit which will help the lucky lady restore flexibility, improve balance, be more energetic and look stunning!


Nike Team Elite Basket Ball

Nike Team Elite Basket Ball Price: $25.00 at zappos.com
Does he have his “lucky” ball? If not, don’t you think it’s about time to get it for him? A ball is a logical choice for a recreational b-ball player… so expected that most of us don’t even think about it figuring somebody else has already thought about it. Okay, so he probably has a ball but what could be more special than the one his sister or girlfriend has gotten for him? Yup, you get to play the emotional card when you’re broke too!


Halex 2 Game Combo Set

Halex 2 Game Combo Set Price: $39.99 at sportsauthority.com
Badminton or Volleyball? Well, that’s a choice you wouldn’t have to make as this set is good for both! The set’s components can be packed neatly into the bag that comes with it so your outdoorsy friend, boyfriend or relative, can always have it at hand. Picnics, family reunions, camping – everything is more fun when you have the chance to organize your own badminton or volleyball match.


Nike + IPod Sport Kit

Nike + IPod Sport Kit Price: $29.00 at zappos.com
So you have a pro on your hands? Well, this ingenious gadget will definitely show him or her that sports and tech do go together. One piece fits into a special gap in the sole of Nike + shoes, the other one goes into the iPod and enables your competitive loved one to keep track of his/her progress. This simple and yet very effective piece of tech gives every information a runner could ever want including overall performance, distance, pace, speed, calories burned and many more!


Cressi Snorkeling Combo

Cressi Snorkeling Combo Price: $49.99 at shopping.com
Every snorkeling fan would appreciate good quality gear. Right? Well, this set might be just a cent under $50 but it’s well worth it. Specially designed tempered glass mask is there to provide maximum visibility by not allowing any water to come inside, while the special guard on this “dry” snorkel drastically reduces the amount of water that often goes inside when the snorkel is used on the surface.


Nike Combat Core Zip

Nike Combat Core Zip Price: $45.00 at zappos.com
Special DRI FIT fabric to minimize sweating, seams that prevent riding up and special finger holes to ensure this ergonomically designed blouse stays put even during the most intense workouts. I don’t sweat too much or wear sporty clothes but my sister swears this DRY FIT technology really works. So, if she lied to me, I’m lying to you. Make sure your woman of choice likes Nike and, if she does, get one of these in her favorite color. A girl can never have too much of training attire.

What do you think – Would your sporty person like any of these? My sister would love the tote and I bet my fiancé could definitely use the gadget, although I’d have to explain to him how to use it first!

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