8 Sporty Presents under $50 ...

If you’re not a sporty person, getting a present for one may be the toughest choice you’ve faced with recently. I must admit that this type of clothes isn’t really welcome in my closet either, although being surrounded with sporty people kind of taught me a thing or two. Now, since being nearly broke can make this shopping experience even worse, I’ve decided to make this list of 8 presents that cost less than 50 dollars. So take a peep and have a good shopping!

1. Nike Sami 3.0 Tote

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Price: $40.00 at zappos.com
Your sporty BFF wouldn’t have a problem matching this tote with that brand new pair of sneakers! If she prefers white sneakers, opt for this combination of colors but you don’t need to get all desperate even if she doesn’t, because you can also get it in black and red. Cool, huh? I’d love getting this tote even though I don’t have any sneakers to wear it with. Hell, I’d buy a pair!

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