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A Girl's Guide to Making a Move during a Movie Date ...

By Teresa

Whether you’re going on a first date or a tenth, movie dates can be nerve-wracking, especially when you want to make a move. If you’re looking to make a move at your next movie date but don’t really know where to start, these tips are sure to come in handy. From when you should get there to what you should eat, I’m sure that these tips will make your movie date so much easier!

1 Get There Early

Movie dates aren’t exactly the best place for a first date, but you can turn them into that! Simply plan with your date on getting there a little bit early. That way, you can talk before the movie and get to know each other. If things don’t go well when you’re talking, you have the movie to stop the conversation. If things are going well, you can keep hanging out after the movie!

2 Break the Touch Barrier before the Movie

If you’re there early enough, you have enough time to break the “touch barrier” before the movie starts during your conversation. It’s a lot easier to break that “touch barrier” in the middle of a conversation when you’re laughing and joking around than it is when you’re sitting in the dark movie theatre and not speaking!

3 Get Junior Mints

These days, you can get just about any type of food or drink from the movie theatre. If you’re looking to make a move on a date, though, get the junior mints. It’s still a candy, but the mint will prepare you for any kissing that might go on!

4 Pick the Movie

Put some thought into the movie you’re watching, and be sure not to let him pick the movie. I’ve watched my brother’s thought process of a guy picking the movie when he’s going on a movie date, and it’s pretty simple. He usually picks the movie that seems scariest so that she’ll jump into his arms. If you’re not into scary movies, don’t let him pick it! Pick your favorite genre instead!

5 Don’t Look at Your Phone if It’s Not Necessary

Although this is important on a date of any kind, I think it’s especially important on a movie date where you want to make a move. If you’re looking at your phone throughout an entire movie, you won’t seem very invested in the date you’re on or the movie, which may turn your date off completely to the idea of dating you!

6 Be Open to Touching during the Movie

You don’t necessarily have to be all over your date during the movie, but you don’t want to act closed off either. Don’t be afraid to use your shared armrest during the movie. When you’re open to touching, it’s easier to make a move.

7 Stay after and Talk

If talking before the movie went well, hang around after and keep talking, whether it’s what you both thought about the movie or something else you hit it off about before the movie. You never know what may happen!

What are your go-to tips and tricks for movie dates? I think that everyone has their own rules that they absolutely swear by when it comes to movie dates. Let me know what you swear by in the comments!

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