A Letter to the Hopeless Romantic ...


A Letter to the Hopeless Romantic ...
A Letter to the Hopeless Romantic ...

Here's a letter to the hopeless romantic.

We all watch those movies and read those books. The girl gets hurt somehow in her past and doesn’t think she will ever love or be loved again. This same girl meets a guy who at first she blows off because “all guys are horrible” and then somehow in this magical love story, they fall in love. He surprises her with flowers and chases after her when she runs off upset. He goes to extreme lengths to make sure she knows she is the one he loves. Tears stream down your face, as you think about how much you strive to meet a guy like that.

Then you meet a guy. He's cute and he opened the car door for you a couple times so you have this secret hope that he will be the romantic guy like in the movies and books. You fantasize about how one day you will be at work and he will have flowers sent to you for no apparent reason or you have a bad day and he comes home with a bouquet and a box of chocolates. You fantasize so much, being the hopeless romantic that you are, that when none of these things actually happen, you truly get devastated. You want to fight him for it. You want to fight him to be that Prince Charming that you always imagined you’d end up with. You love him more than life itself but there's still that tiny hope inside of you. He constantly tells you he is not the lovey romantic type but you kind of brush it off because, I mean if he loves you enough, he will smother you with gifts and love right? Wrong.

A guy is like a journal, you have to write in it for it to have any idea what you are thinking. You have to tell a guy exactly what you want or else you will never get it. It is not a game, its a relationship. A relationship with communication and open-mindedness. You may get angry and stomp off, wanting him to run after you and hold you while you cry, but instead, he sits there and does nothing. That makes no sense right? Usually, when a girl runs off in the movies, the guy runs after her. Well, unfortunately, my lovely hopeless romantics, that's not real life. When you walk away with anger or sadness, most guys figure you just need to cool off and be alone. How could they be so wrong? Well, because we didn’t tell them that it's what we expect and want. You want a bouquet of flowers because you got a promotion at work or got a good grade? Buy them for yourself! Or tell him you want flowers because you are proud of yourself and its very likely that he is proud of you too, he just doesn’t know how to express it other than by saying “I'm proud of you.” If he knows that is what you want to celebrate how amazing you are, he will start doing it. If you tell him you want to be held and reassured that he loves you, he will do it. You will feel so much better.

I know, it stinks that we can’t live like those girls in the movies. Who says we can’t treat ourselves like that though? Or let the guys in our lives in on a little secret. Do you want a romantic guy? Write in the journal of his mind.

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I am a proper

Hopeless romantic and I fear that I keep pushing guys away because I don’t get what they show in the movies 😢❤️

Totally agree!!! Took me 3 relationships to figure this one out! My parents have been married for 52 years now, my mom still did not get it. And still gets upset every time her romantic expectations are not met (poor dad, how would he know!). Great post!

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