7 Acceptable Forms of PDA That Won't Drive Single People Crazy ...


Now I know, if you are in a relationship, you're probably wondering exactly what acceptable forms of PDA there are, that won't drive your single friends completely bonkers. I've been in a relationship for about 6 years now and I actually had all of my single friends come up with this list of acceptable forms of PDA that won't drive them nuts when we all hang out. I know it's hard show affection to your partner when you are in public, but girls, let's keep it all simple!

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Of course hugging would be on the acceptable forms of PDA list! This is a traditional form of PDA that even friends use, so if you want to hug your partner in public, do it! Nobody should ever have a problem with hugging and if they do, are they really your friends and happy that you are in a relationship?


Holding Hands

Another form of acceptable PDA is holding hands. This is just so that people know your mate is claimed – or the reason that I do it is because I love to hold my girlfriend's hand. Of course, some of your friends might be jealous that you're in a relationship and not want you to hang onto your partner's hand when you are walking around, but I say – this is absolutely acceptable. Don't let them get you down!


Light Pecks

This is where the kissing comes into play. If you are full-out making out with your partner in front of your single friends, that isn't cool girls, but if you give a few little pecks here and there, then don't even worry about it. This is an affectionate form of PDA that is acceptable in every form.


Light pecks are a sweet display of affection without making anyone feel uncomfortable. It's a quick way to assure your partner you're present with them, while being considerate of those around you. A swift smooch while walking or a gentle kiss as you say goodbye are gestures that speak volumes yet whisper so that only you two can hear. It’s like having your own special code of love that doesn’t need grand gestures or spotlights to validate it. Keep it classy and subtle to maintain the cozy balance between personal affection and public sensibility.


Shoulder/Back Touches

So your guy or gal has their arm around you or at the very least, is just touching your back or even your shoulders. These are definitely forms of affection and PDA that single peeps can live with. Truthfully, I touch my girlfriend's back all of the time or even slip my arm around her shoulders and nobody ever seems to mind.


It's a simple gesture, but it packs a punch in the warm and fuzzy department. When someone wraps an arm around you or rests their hand reassuringly on your shoulder, it's like saying "I've got you" without a single word. Plus, it's totally acceptable in public, even at family BBQs or with a bunch of friends at the movies. It's the kind of touch that draws you closer but doesn't scream "get a room!" to all your single pals. It's sweet, protective, and just the right amount of publicly affectionate.


Hair Touching

If you run your fingers through your partner's hair or they do it back to you, that totally is acceptable, girls! It doesn't mean that you grab on and start to make out, but if you are just caressing and appreciating each other, that's completely okay – even in front of people who are single!


Hand-in-Back-Pocket Touch

I actually think that this is super cute, and while I don't do it all that often, I think that couples that do are adorable. While you are walking, an arm around one another and a hand in the back pocket is completely acceptable. That doesn't mean that you need to constantly grope each other, but the light touches are totally fine!


The hand-in-back-pocket touch is almost like a silent way to say, "You're mine, and I love it," without going overboard. It's subtle yet intimate, showing a connection that's more personal than a mere hand-hold. Sure, it's a bit retro – think 1950s teenagers at a sock hop – but that only adds to its charm. When it happens, there's this understated exchange of affection that feels both protective and connected. It's these quaint gestures that whisper romance even in a crowd, telling a story of togetherness that is endearing rather than in-your-face.


Hand/Forehead Kissing

Finally, if your partner is a hand-kisser or loves to kiss your forehead or your head in general, that's okay too! That shouldn't make anyone uncomfortable and it actually really allows your friends and family to see that you are in a happy and healthy relationship. Remember, affection is normal!

So girls, now that you know all of the acceptable forms of PDA, what are some of your favorites? Do your single friends constantly nag you that you are too public with your relationship? Share below!

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All of these drive me insane lol

I love these:)

Who cares if it drives others crazy! Embrace it and enjoy the affection!!

Yeah my boyfriend is PDA shy... He's always afraid of upsetting the single people that we do hang out with. I'm the one who sneaks in the hugs and the kisses on the cheek :)

@Kayla Jane Small exactly! If someone else doesn't like it, just don't be nosey

My boyfriend and I do the littlest things like he kisses my cheek and forehead and hugs me and likes to always have a soft touch on my whether our arms are touching or holding hands, simple things and my single friends say we have to much PDA... What does that mean?

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