7 Acceptable Forms of PDA That Won't Drive Single People Crazy ...


Now I know, if you are in a relationship, you're probably wondering exactly what acceptable forms of PDA there are, that won't drive your single friends completely bonkers. I've been in a relationship for about 6 years now and I actually had all of my single friends come up with this list of acceptable forms of PDA that won't drive them nuts when we all hang out. I know it's hard show affection to your partner when you are in public, but girls, let's keep it all simple!

1. Hugging

Of course hugging would be on the acceptable forms of PDA list! This is a traditional form of PDA that even friends use, so if you want to hug your partner in public, do it! Nobody should ever have a problem with hugging and if they do, are they really your friends and happy that you are in a relationship?

Holding Hands


Rhiannon Storm
Yeah my boyfriend is PDA shy... He's always afraid of upsetting the single people that we do hang out with. I'm the one who sneaks in the hugs and the kisses on the cheek :)
Joelle Kapinga
All of these drive me insane lol
Heather Jensen
Hi Beth! I think that they might just be a little jealous, that's all. :) Don't take it personal!
Bethany Kehaunani Cathcart
My boyfriend and I do the littlest things like he kisses my cheek and forehead and hugs me and likes to always have a soft touch on my whether our arms are touching or holding hands, simple things and...
Gem J
@Kayla Jane Small exactly! If someone else doesn't like it, just don't be nosey
Kayla Jane Small
Who cares if it drives others crazy! Embrace it and enjoy the affection!!
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