17 Active Date Ideas for Girls Trying to Lose Weight ...


17 Active Date Ideas for Girls Trying to Lose Weight ...
17 Active Date Ideas for Girls Trying to Lose Weight ...

Losing weight doesn't have to be a horrible experience. If you ask your boyfriend to work out with you, then the hours will just fly by. Here are a few active date ideas for women who want to lose weight:

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Go Rock Climbing

Go Rock Climbing You don't have to go out and climb an actual mountain. There's probably a rock wall gym somewhere nearby where you two can play around without getting injured.


Take the Dog for a Walk

beak, nose, fauna, close up, eye, This will allow you to spend quality time with your boyfriend, because you'll be able to chat throughout the entire walk. Of course, your puppy won't mind the attention, either!


Take a Canoe Ride

water transportation, vehicle, boats and boating equipment and supplies, water, boating, There's nothing more romantic than this! Of course, it's not as easy as it looks. You have to use those arm muscles in order to steer the canoe.


Try Archery

Try Archery Don't you wish you could look as badass as Katniss or Daryl Dixon? If you get yourself a bow and arrow, then you can!


Go Swimming

Go Swimming You can either go for a swim in your backyard pool or in the ocean. Your man will love seeing you strut your stuff in your bathing suit!


Go Ice Skating

Go Ice Skating Ice skating is romantic! You'll be able to hold hands the entire time, and if you stumble, he'll be there to help you back up.


Go for a Run

Go for a Run You don't need any equipment for this activity. Just slip into your sneakers and see which one of you can make it around the block first.


Take a Bike Ride

Take a Bike Ride Take a leisurely bike ride around the block to see all the sights. You might even be able to find a store that sells a bicycle built for two!


Go Bowling

Go Bowling You could even involve other couples in this activity! Make it a group date.


Play Miniature Golf

Play Miniature Golf Just make sure that the winner buys dinner! That way, the competition will feel more fierce.


Try Geocaching

Try Geocaching This is a free app you can download for your phone! It'll let you go on a treasure hunt around your hometown.


Go for a Hike

Go for a Hike If you're ready for an intense challenge, then find a hiking trail. When you get to the top, you can even have a little picnic!


Go to the Gym

Go to the Gym If you both have gym memberships, you can take a trip there together. You can spot him and he can spot you.


Go Dancing

Go Dancing If you own a Wii, you can play Just Dance together. If not, then you can just turn on the radio and bust whatever moves that feel right in the moment.


Try Yoga

Try Yoga Want to be more flexible in bed? Then this is the best activity for you two to do together.


Go Rollerskating

Go Rollerskating This is like ice skating, except it works well in summer. You can skate on the boardwalk together!


Visit a Trampoline Park

Visit a Trampoline Park If you have a trampoline in your backyard, then you can hop on it together. If you don't own one, then you can visit a trampoline park instead.

Now you'll be able to have fun while getting fit! What other date ideas can you come up with that'll help couples lose weight together?

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