Perfect πŸ‘Œ Activities πŸ’» for Long Distance πŸ—Ί Couples πŸ’‘ to do While Apart πŸ‘‹ ...

Are you looking for some activities for long distance couples to do when you're apart? If you want to grow closer while in a long distance relationship, you have to think out-of-the-box. You need to find some activities that are creative to share experiences as a couple over the miles. Below are some suggestions that are cute, cheap and easy to do as a long distance couple. You are going to love these activities for long distance couples to do when you're apart.

1. Make up Your Own "love Word"

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Instead of saying "I love you", make up some unique word, term or phrase that is a perfect fit for describing your relationship and something that is only known to the two of you. This is one of the best activities for long distance couples to do when you're apart.

2. Make a Website

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Create a website about your relationship that both you and he can work on. This is good for being creative together while tracking your relationship progress.

3. Virtual Movie or Concert Dates

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Set aside a night to both watch the same movie or concert on YouTube. Pretend he is on the couch with you snuggling and sharing a bowl of popcorn. Afterwards, call each other and discuss.

4. Create a Care Package

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Everybody loves presents. Giving presents can create a shared bond and is a reminder of love and happiness. Set a dollar amount then shop for some small gifts and treats for each other to mail.

5. Create a Radio Station

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In his honor, create a Pandora radio station, featuring songs and musicians that make you think of being with him. E-mail him the link.

6. Take an Online Class Together

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If you and he share a love of learning, there are many free online courses you could do together. You and he can connect on a deep level.

7. Send Your Scent

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Spritz a little of your perfume on a letter to him so he can smell you to feel that you are there.

8. Share a Journal

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Each keep a journal for however many weeks or months you like, writing down all of your thoughts. Then, mail and exchange journals.

9. Send an E-card

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There are websites that carry funny, romantic or cheesy e-cards. However, I think Blue Mountain Arts love e-cards are the best.

Are you excited? Doing these will put some spice into the ordinary. Go beyond talking about how your day went. Doing long distance relationship activities together will help build special and sweet memories to sustain you both on those cold and lonely long-distance nights.


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