7 Adorable Couple Poses for Perfect Pictures ...


7 Adorable Couple Poses for Perfect Pictures ...
7 Adorable Couple Poses for Perfect Pictures ...

If you and your boy want a perfect picture, you’ll need ideas for cute couple poses. Photos are a great keepsake and can make you remember the amazing times you’ve spent with your man. It can capture the mood of your relationship, whether it’s silly or romantic. Try out these couple poses the next time you whip your camera out.

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Inner Child

Inner Child If you and your man like to goof off, take a picture that showcases your fun side. Take a photo of you laughing on the swings or simply making goofy faces into the camera. Some of the most adorable pictures are of couples smiling before or after a kiss. If you want a nice background, try snapping pictures at a carnival or during a walk down the street. The cutest couple poses come out when you’re being yourselves.


Beach Scene

Beach Scene If you have a beach nearby, there are tons of different styles of pictures you can take while in the water or on the sand. Have someone take a picture of the two of you kissing in the water or of your backs as you sit close together in the sand. Have an action shot of you running and laughing, or simply draw a picture of a heart in the sand. You can even time the picture so that it’s taken when the sun is rising or setting. Just don’t ruin the camera by dropping it in the water.


Hand Holding

Hand Holding You don’t need a full body shot to show your love. Instead, take a picture of the two of you interlocking your fingers. To get a more romantic effect, alter the photo so that it’s in black and white. It’s a cute idea that you won’t have to prep for. It doesn’t matter how old your outfit is or if you’re having a bad hair day, because none of it will be shown in this photo.


Sweet Kisses

Sweet Kisses If you take a picture of a kiss and want to post it online, make sure it’s a simple, sweet one. A kiss on the cheek or simply leaning your foreheads together will even do. Just don’t use tongue or do anything that’ll make viewers uncomfortable. Save the sexiness for your personal photo album. No one needs to see a R rated pic.


Pick Me up

Pick Me up If your man’s strong enough, have him hold you up. You can wrap your legs around him or let him cradle you. Just make sure that you both have a tight grip so that neither of you get hurt. Once you’re in the air, you can choose to kiss him or throw your head back in laughter. Have the person snapping pictures take a few so that you’ll have at least one that comes out perfectly.


Dance with Him

Dance with Him If you want a lively picture that’s fun to create, break out the dance moves. Take a picture of your man dipping you or spinning you around. Even if the pictures don’t come out well, you’ll have a fun time trying to take them. You can even decide to skip the photos and take a video instead. What’s important is that you have fun with it!


Head to Head

Head to Head You don’t even have to stand up for this one. Take a picture of you laying in the grass or bed in opposite directions. Look up into the camera or turn your head so that you’re staring into each other’s eyes. If you go outside, be careful not to get covered in bugs. You don’t want your fun day to end badly.

The next time you feel like posing for the camera, keep these ideas in mind. Do you have any amazing pictures of you with your partner or a group of friends? How are you posing in it?

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Hey that's Tony Perry and Stephanie Dearing in the number 5 picture!

These are really good ideas for couples pictures.

Now to go get a boyfriend...

I love this article, def gonna try it with my bf

beautiful ... makes me miss my cute relationships

Common positions for couples to take photos have been recorded

Makes two of us Adriena!! Just beautiful.

Holy crap is that tony perry in picture 5?! :D

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