Here's the Ultimate Playlist for Ladies in Love ...

If you're tired of listening to the same music on repeat, there are songs for ladies in love to enjoy. When you find that perfect person, all you can do is think about how darn lucky you are. You want to bask in the happiness you feel, and listening to songs for ladies in love is a perfect way to do that. Here are some catchy tunes that you can add to your playlist:

1. I do by Colbie Caillat

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This song is perfect for anyone who was once doubtful about finding someone that they'd spend the rest of their life with. If you used to assume that you'd be alone, but then found something that changed everything, you'll understand that this is one of the perfect songs for ladies in love. Once you find that special someone, it's impossible not to smile, just like it's impossible not to enjoy this upbeat song.

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