2. Sheltered

Innocent women haven't gotten drunk and passed out at a party and haven't been peer pressured into trying drugs. While some men love a girl with a wild side, others are happier to spend time with a woman that isn't unpredictable and unstable. They like that you have a strong set of morals you won't budge for.



Ha-ha-ha! It is cool :-)))
This is just disgusting. 'Sexually pure' - are you kidding me. I'm 16 years old and i've realised many other young people are on this app and they read things like this. Literally every word of this a...
Choko Chanel
I hope people understand that this is just a list and not law. Come on now, ladies. You don't HAVE to possess any of the traits on this list. No one is holding a gun to your head saying "YOU BETTER BE...
Oh stop.....
I don't think you have to be "sexually pure" to be a good girlfriend. What? After you've lost your virginity, you can't have a boyfriend again? I think you should just be yourself and the right person will come along
My bf finds adorable that i have a baby Face lol
Tessa Bezuidenhout
This is so darn sexist, my good gosh. Not just to the darn women of the dandy world, but also to freaking men
Briana Durfey
I find it weird how every guy has said this to me. They love how innocent I am cause I am sweet and caring and all of what this article had said. But then again it's weird to be so innocent in this wo...
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