5. Respectful

No man wants to date the girl who gets into cat fights at every bar she visits. As much fun as those women are to watch on reality television, it's inconvenient to go out with them. If you do, then you'll be kicked out of every club and restaurant you visit. He'd much rather be with a respectful woman who knows when it's appropriate to speak up.



πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘true @Mperry
Just because you're shy or 'innocent' doesn't mean you're stupid. Goodness why can't women accept others even if they're not alike? These things certainly don't mean you're naive.
This is a sexist list
Innocence translates into naivety. You don't know the dangers so don't see them when their right in you're face
Damaria Adams
No way. I'm the crazy, hot natured, curious, and passionate friend...I taught them everything they know
well this describes me pretty well lol
@beth Innocence doesn't determine your level of intelligence? Knowing your boundaries sounds pretty intelligent to me.... Being innocent doesn't mean you're stupid. I think you're confusing naivety with innocence.
I disagree. Just because you're innocent it doesn't mean you're naive or stupid. Quality men like to be with quality women, who are rare. Smart men like women who are intelligent and lady-like.
This is so dumb! Smart men like realist and intelligent women, not naive little girls. Stupid article!!!
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