5. Respectful

No man wants to date the girl who gets into cat fights at every bar she visits. As much fun as those women are to watch on reality television, it's inconvenient to go out with them. If you do, then you'll be kicked out of every club and restaurant you visit. He'd much rather be with a respectful woman who knows when it's appropriate to speak up.



Wild party girls can still havr these traits - your articles are ver sexist holly
Oh!!! Seriously??? Pure??? Seems like an Indian pervert from 90's has written this article. Though i am Indian but it is the truth. Seriously it wasn't expected that @AWS would even pass such a shit. Disappointing!!!
Seriously? Wow....how sexist can u get? We need to encourage women to be themselves no matter what, not tear them down! And besides women aren't made for men, a woman is her own person she is not there to impress anyone but herself
@littlesunshine22, yes! I completely agree! I'm always really nice to one of my friends and she takes advantage of that..
Very sexist article!
Many men like these traits. Many don't. This is just one perspective. Stop putting down the girls who fit these descriptions.
Terrible list. Very sexist. Pure??? Really???
Dang spell check- don't expect a sweetheart who will make all your dreams come true, to walk up and introduce himself... If you're selling a good time, you'll get a buyer not a keeper!
Remember, being classy is knowing you've got it all going on, but don't flaunt it - that's class. Believe it or not, if you dress hoochy, don't expect a sweat heart who will make all your dramas come...
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