7 Advantages Artistic Women Have in the Dating World ...


Are you a natural when it comes to writing? Or maybe you have the voice to be the next Lady Gaga? Either way, your creativity will do wonders for you in the dating world. Men loved to be wooed, just like women do, so you can use your skills to make him go absolutely crazy for you. Don't believe it? Here are some of the biggest advantages artistic women have in the dating world:

1. You'll Excite Him Sexually

When you're creative, your brain is always thinking of new ways to spice up your routine. That means your boyfriend will never be bored, because you'll be able to come up with all different ways to keep things exciting in the bedroom and on your dates. He'll never have to worry about getting sick of seeing you, because you'll always have something exciting up your sleeve.

You'll Create Touching Cards


This is so me!
Melba Marcela
I agree with Snowlion too
Agree with Snowlion. And can't you be artistic without being sentimental?
Re #4, if your boyfriend has rage, don't write him a cute card. Run away and never look back!
Ya thats great ! discovered new things make your partner excited and happy.I like to do that.taste different foods, cook new dishes, wear stylish clothes and new make up style.that can make your man happy.
I am artistic and not much of this works for me.
This article was so cute and so true! Thank you!
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