9. He Makes Excuses

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If every time you recommend going out he seems to make excuses, you should become more alert of him potentially losing interest. Once or twice might not mean anything, but you can tell when someone is consistently avoiding you. When your partner apathetically offers excuses just to avoid you, you might have to consider that the end of this chapter in your life is near.

He Tries to Friend Zone You


My guy has totally lost interest in me... It is heartbreaking. We've been dating for 10 months (well kinda dating cuz he's married and i was married too, until recently ... I know i know it's wrong) t...
Just talked to him about it and everything is great again. He has confirmed he is not losing interest in me and stated that he is really feeling me :)
Just started dating this guy for 3 weeks now. He started off saying All the right things and being so sweet....even after i revealed that i was celibate for now! We are in our 3rd week and he has st...
Girls we've been kept in the dark about the fact of male sexuality in order that they could cheat with out us being suspicious - this is the real facts I posted above - it suited tier needs for centuries now the truth is beginning to be understood.
@Kristen, so if its not you, then it's something else whether real or porn.
@Kristen, men don't have low sex drives like women- that's a myth - sorry to be crude in my explanation but they have to ejaculate when there's a build up like when your bladder fills up you have to pee.
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