All 💯 the Ways Your Sweetheart 💏 is Destroying 🗑 Your Sleep 😴 ...


It's a natural step in a relationship to start to sleep together. Whether you have nights at each other's houses, you live together, or you're married, you're going to start to share a bed at some point. With this bed sharing comes your partner's sleep habits (as well as your own). Sometimes this co-sleeping becomes a problem for one or both of you. Here's a look at some of the ways your S.O. is ruining your sleep according to

1. Snoring

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Why does it seems the one who snores is the one who always falls asleep first? Then you're stuck lying there with your eyes wide open because the symphony coming out of your partner's nose is anything but calming. The National Sleep Foundation says that snoring affects 90 million Americans, and 37 million on a day-to-day (or night-to-night) basis.

So, if you snore, get treatment. According to a study in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the partner of a snorer could get over an hour more sleep if their partner was able to controltheir snoring.

Different Sleep Schedules
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