2. Different Sleep Schedules

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The National Institute on Aging recommends that you keep a steady sleep cycle to assure you get the best sleep possible. But how can you do that when you and your partner have different schedules? These fluctuations in the times you and your partner go to bed can affect how you stay asleep.

For example, if your significant other works the graveyard shift, and you're in bed by 10 PM, and then he or she comes walking in at 4 AM to get ready for bed, chances are β€” unless you're a really heavy sleeper β€” they could interrupt your sleep. This can create an issue if you're someone who needs your eight hours, but it's also something that can be solved with the right communication. Laura Bird, WSJ's Personal Journal deputy editor, says, "Just the physical act of talking about the [sleeping] problem, is that one step in the right direction."

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