All πŸ’― You Need to Know πŸ€” about Stashing πŸ’‘ ...

This is all you need to know about stashing:

I don’t know what it is about these so-called dating trends. It seems to me that all these β€œtrends” have been happening since Caveman Joe bashed Cavewoman Joanna over the head and dragged her to his cave by her hair, but we have only started giving them specific names in the 21st century. Men and women have been ghosting, breadcrumbing, cushioning, friend zoning, benching and all the other trends for centuries – just in ways according to the times. I guess the good thing about this labeling is that at least it helps us identify the status of our relationship and maybe understand what has gone wrong.

So, now that we’ve established that trends are a undeniable feature of modern dating, I would like to introduce you to one I have only recently heard of and that is stashing. Here is all you need to know about stashing.

1. What is Stashing?

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Stashing is when your partner β€œstashes” you away. You seem to be in a committed and exclusive relationship where neither of you are seeing anybody else, yet there’s a lack of public acknowledgement that you are together. This pretty sums up all you need to know about stashing, but keep reading for more.

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