19 Alluring Ways to Attract a Libra and Get Closer ...


19 Alluring Ways to Attract a Libra and Get Closer ...
19 Alluring Ways to Attract a Libra and Get Closer ...

Learning all of the different ways to attract a Libra is not easy, but it is so, so worth it! This is a sign that loves open-minded people, they want you to act fast and you've got to understand exactly what you are getting into. If you've been trying to attract a Libra but don't know if you are going about it all wrong, don't worry. Just take a look at my top 7 ways to attract your favorite Libra – male or female!

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Act Fast

By far, one of the top ways to attract a Libra is to move fast. This is a sign that is a natural flirt and you don't want to wait around … only to have someone else snatch up your crush! Libras are a sign that loves to flirt and truthfully, they are rarely without a date, so if your crush is single and he or she is a Libra, act fast!


Libras often seek balance, but when it comes to the game of love, you must tip the scales in your favor swiftly. Show your interest with both confidence and charm; engage them with light-hearted banter and an open, inviting smile. Keep in mind, subtlety is not the best tactic with a Libra; they appreciate someone who is clear about their intentions. Remember, though, to strike a balance between being assertive and respecting their space – you want to capture their attention, not overwhelm them.


Libras Are Indecisive

The hugest thing that you have to remember about Libras is that they don't decide things right away. They like to keep their options open for as long as possible and truthfully, they don't like to rush into something right away. They like to date … a lot, but a relationship is going to take a lot of building, so keep that in mind!


When trying to attract a Libra, be prepared for a dance of decisions. Their analytical minds weigh every possible outcome, causing them to waver long before coming to a conclusion. To get closer to a Libra, show them that you respect their need for balance and time. Patience is key; give them space to evaluate how they truly feel. Emphasize that you're worth the wait by highlighting your understanding nature, which is incredibly attractive to their peace-loving hearts. Remember, once a Libra makes up their mind, they're as committed as they are charming.

Frequently asked questions

Libra men love balance and beauty. Show your appreciation for art, be charming, and never shy away from good, intellectual conversations. Oh, and being a little flirty doesn’t hurt!

Libra girls adore genuine compliments about their style and grace. Tell her she has an amazing sense of fashion or that her smile lights up the room. Authenticity is key!

To get closer to a Libra woman, be a good listener, show her you value harmony, and always be considerate. They appreciate thoughtful gestures and kind words.

Libras are drawn to partners who are balanced, fair, and possess a sense of aesthetics. They love good communication and a partner who can keep things light and enjoyable.

Impress your Libra crush with your charm, wit, and love for beauty. Take them to places with artistic or cultural vibes, and engage in light-hearted, meaningful conversations.


Politeness is a Must

This is a sign that can't be with someone that is snobby or rude. Politeness goes a very, very long way with this sign! They love compliments and they really like to be shown the respect that they show you. Holding doors and opening car doors are huge for this sign!


Libras have a keen sense of fairness and expect to be treated with courtesy and consideration. Gentle reminders of your affection and thoughtful gestures—even as simple as a handwritten note or a heartfelt compliment on their appearance—will resonate deeply with them. As much as they value physical aesthetics, they are also enchanted by the beauty of good manners. Showing consistent courtesy not only to your Libra interest but to everyone around you will make a lasting impression on them, reinforcing the notion that you are a person of good character and grace.


They Love Open-Minded People

Remember how I mentioned that they love open-minded people? Well, Libras aren't into people that are narrow-minded and aren't willing to consider the outrageous or the off-the-wall. You've got to consider all of your options and then open your mind a little more to be with this sign!


Libras have a penchant for innovation and creativity, and they gravitate towards partners who can dance on the edges of conventional thinking. If you want to appeal to a Libra, show how adaptable your thoughts can be. Exercise your curiosity and embrace the unusual with enthusiasm. The more you express a fearless approach to life and ideas, the more you can captivate their interest. After all, a mind that can entertain the unexpected is a mind that a Libra finds irresistible.



Ah, the politeness is huge for them, but when you listen to them? I mean really, really listen to a Libra? They melt right in your hands! Listening involves remembering too, so if your Libra-crush mentions that they love roses … what's the next flower you are going to get them? Roses, of course!


Personal Attraction is Important

A Libra is a sign that loves themselves most of the time and they like to take pride in what they look like – so that means that they want their partner to do the same. They want their partner to look good and show off all of the right assets. That doesn't mean you have to be dressed to the nines all of the time, but keep it clean and tidy!


Become Their BFF First

Finally, a Libra loves building a base of friendship before they just jump into a relationship. Trust me on this, you don't want to ever assume that you and your crush are a 'thing,' until your crush actually states that you are. For now, concentrate on being friends first!


Libras value deep, meaningful connections, so they need to see you as someone they can trust and confide in. Show them that you’re reliable and consistent as a friend. Engage in activities they enjoy, listen to their ideas, and share your own thoughts in return. Remember, nurturing a friendship is the secret ingredient to captivating a Libra's heart. This approach will not only form a sturdy foundation for a potential relationship but will also allow you to understand each other on a profound level. Being a strong, dependable friend paves the way to becoming something more.


Inner Beauty

As much as Libras enjoy dating people who dress well, inner beauty is far more important to them than outer beauty. That means that you shouldn't stress if you don't look like a supermodel. Libras like kindhearted people more than they like sexy ones.


Stand out

Libras tend to have a lot of admirers, which means that you need to do something special if you want to get their attention. Since they have so many options of whom to date, you need to give them a reason to pick you over all of the others.


To truly captivate a Libra, think about showcasing your unique traits or talents. Libras love beauty and creativity, so an artistic or aesthetic gesture will likely intrigue them. Maybe it’s taking them to a gallery opening, or if you're artistically inclined, presenting them with a drawing or piece of music that you've made just for them. Remember, it should resonate with authenticity and show them that you not only understand their tastes but also offer something wonderfully different from what they're used to.


Stress Free

Nobody enjoys being stressed out, but Libras absolutely hate it. If you want to land a Libra, you can't be the type of person who attracts drama. You need to be able to create a relaxed atmosphere where the Libra will feel at peace.


Don't Take Advantage

Libras are in love with the idea of love, which means that they tend to fall easily. If a Libra agrees to be in a relationship with you, don't treat them poorly. They may stay with you, because their judgement is clouded by their feelings, so treat them the way they deserve.


Taking advantage of a Libra's kind-hearted nature is a surefire way to lose their trust and respect. While they often see the best in people, one should never exploit their willingness to please. Always reciprocate the care and attention they offer. It's about creating a balance—just as they thrive on harmony and fairness, so should the dynamics of your relationship reflect these values. Remember, a Libra's desire for a peaceful partnership doesn't mean they're incapable of standing up for themselves when pushed too far. Genuine affection and respect for boundaries will deepen your connection with a Libra.


Court Them

Libras love attention, so don't be afraid of overly romantic gestures, because they're the way to win a Libra's heart. They want their egos to be stroked, so you need to show them how highly you think of them. If you do, they won't be able to resist taking you on a date.


Courting a Libra is a fine art – think candlelit dinners, heartfelt love letters, and surprise bouquets. These air signs revel in the delights of love, so creating situations where they feel adored is key. Subtle flirting mixed with sincere compliments will work wonders. Remember, Libras have a keen sense of fairness, so be prepared to reciprocate their warm, generous gestures. By matching their charm and kindness, you'll forge a deep connection that could beautifully blossom into lasting love.


Show off Your Money

If you have a lot of money, show it off. Libras like to go out to fancy restaurants and to receive diamond jewelry. They don't need to be with someone who is rich, but they'd certainly prefer it. So if you have money to spare, blow it on them.


Money indeed speaks its own language of love for Libras. Indulge in outings that dazzle the senses and surround your Libra with the luxury they so often gravitate towards. Treat them to a spontaneous weekend getaway at a boutique hotel, or splurge on a mesmerizing piece of art that speaks to their refined tastes. However, remember, while they appreciate the finer things in life, genuineness matters. So ensure that these grand gestures are matched with real affection and care, because a Libra will sense if they are merely for show.


Show Your Smarts

Libras love intellectual conversation. If you're on a date with one, make sure to keep the topics interesting and mentally stimulating. If you do, they'll realize just how smart you are and won't be able to resist you.


Show You're Faithful

As soon as you meet a Libra, you'll want to find a way to prove that you're loyal and honest. They absolutely despise cheating, so you want to show them that you'd never do such a horrible thing. If they find out that you've cheated in the past, they won't want anything to do with you.


Libra is an air sign, and they are known for their strong sense of justice and fairness. They are very social and seek harmony in relationships; they appreciate people who are honest and open. Showing loyalty and faithfulness to a Libra is essential if you want to build a lasting relationship with them. It’s important to be honest and straightforward with them, as they won’t tolerate any kind of dishonesty. Being faithful and loyal to a Libra will not only make them feel secure, but will also help to build a strong bond of trust between the two of you. Demonstrate your faithfulness by being consistent in your words and actions and by being reliable and dependable.


Communication and Compromise

Libras are peaceful, so they hate fighting. However, they want their partners to communicate honestly with them. So if you have a problem, bring it up right away so that it can be dealt with and won't turn into a huge argument down the road.


Libras cherish harmony in their relationships, making them excellent listeners, eager to understand various perspectives. To win their hearts, practice open and respectful dialogue, valuing both your feelings and theirs. In times of disagreement, approach them with the intent to find a middle ground rather than to win an argument. Compromise is key—a Libra falls for someone who can balance their own needs with their partner's, ensuring that the relationship remains tranquil and equitable.



If you possess a skill that your Libra partner doesn't have, offer to teach them. They love learning new things and will think highly of you for being able to pass over your wisdom. So don't be afraid to play the role of the teacher.



Libras love compliments, so flatter them whenever you can. Don't be afraid of going overboard, because the more compliments, the merrier. They'll get a kick out of it, so don't be shy.


Libra is an air sign, represented by the scales. They are known for their diplomacy, charm, and sense of balance. People born under this sign are social butterflies, and they love to be surrounded by people. They are also incredibly romantic and affectionate. If you want to attract a Libra, compliments are a great way to start. Don't be afraid to go overboard with them, as Libra loves to be flattered. They will appreciate your effort and it will draw them closer to you. Keep in mind that Libra also loves to be pampered, so be sure to treat them to small surprises and gifts. Libra values loyalty and honesty, so be sure to always be honest with them. Lastly, Libra loves to have fun and explore new places, so plan exciting dates and activities that will keep their interest.


Show You're Serious

Libras don't want to have a one-night-stand or a summer fling. They want to be in a loving, committed relationship. If you're trying to land a date with a Libra, make it clear that you want to be with them for a very long time, and not just for a few weeks of fun.

So, these are just a few of the ways that you can hook your Libra-crush onto you! Remember, it's all about building boundaries, friendships and being polite. So, have you ever dated a Libra? How was it?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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I told a Libra I liked him and was wondering if he'd like to go out on a daye with me, a couple of days ago. He said yes a second later but came back the next day and told me he 'didn't feel the same way'. I'm so unsure of what he wants or what to do, what do you think?

OMG! Dating a Libra & all of these apply to him -.- LOL

I'm a libra and this is so true. Especially the politeness part. Oh, the open mind part is true in all parts of my life too. Loved this article.

OMG ! Very accurate

Wow honestly this is so true, because I'm a libra and that's exactly what I expect, just do the simple things like getting to know us and not rushing things and to do everything it says and it will work

I love this article! Could you ever do the same about an Aquarius, or better yet, a shy guy?

I'm dating a libra now, and it's been the most difficult relationship ever! Never ever knows what they want and always trying to look hot. He's a pain in the ass but I love him to death. Lol

So true! I'm a Libra and this is 100% accurate!

I'm a libra and this is so unbelievably true!!

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