8 Amazing Aphrodisiac Foods ...


8 Amazing Aphrodisiac Foods ...
8 Amazing Aphrodisiac Foods ...

Aphrodisiac Foods can be things that you're consuming now and might not even know it! Some of the foods that I eat almost every day are considered aphrodisiac foods and I had no idea – that's what inspired this list! So girls, take a look below and maybe you can incorporate some aphrodisiac foods into your next romantic meal!

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No lie, I eat asparagus almost every night. I had absolutely no idea that it was one of the top aphrodisiac foods out there! The reasoning behind this awesome veggie being an aphrodisiac is that it's full of potassium, fiber and a ton of vitamins. All of which help produce a higher orgasm in both men and women. So – grill up some asparagus at your next romantic meal and see what happens!



I had no idea that almonds could be considered one of the top aphrodisiac foods but it is. The aroma arouses passion in females and the high vitamin e never hurts either. So guys, if you're looking to throw together a delicious and sexy meal for your girlfriend, why not add some almonds to the mix?



Of course, the first thing that I thought of when I saw that bananas were on the list of aphrodisiac foods was the shape, but girls, that is not all bananas should be known for! These little yellow things contain a load of potassium, B vitamins and magnesium. What that means is that these odd-shaped fruits will increase a man's libido. Funny right? Given their shape.



The avocado is actually a pretty funny shaped fruit too, but besides its shape, it's also got some great vitamins that make this incredible fruit a huge aphrodisiac. It's full of folic acid, vitamins B6 and of course, potassium. All of which are said to raise a man and a woman's libido and make the sex that much better!



You've probably heard about chocolate being one of the top aphrodisiac foods right? What you might not know is chocolate actually releases dopamine in all of the pleasure centers in the brain, which actually peak during an orgasm. Chocolate also has been known to induce feelings of excitement, attraction and even euphoria – so why not eat some chocolate before you get down to business? It could make all of the difference!



Basil is an herb that I've never really been a fan of – until I read up on it! Using basil or even some sweet basil in things like pasta sauce is a great way to get your heart racing and your blood pumping. It's all due to the aroma!



Figs are actually one of the oldest recorded fruits in history and have been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. It's been said that an open fig is believed to emulate the female sex organs. So if you're looking to plan a meal that centered around sex, figs should totally be apart of it!



Finally, honey isn't just for sore throats anymore, it's actually a great food to promote sex! Honey has bee known to enhance testosterone levels in men and has been known to up estrogen in women. Both of which promote sexual feelings.

Although I know there are other aphrodisiac foods out there, such as oysters, I thought that maybe we should explore some other foods that you might not think to be aphrodisiac foods. So, when you're planning your next meal, why not take some of these foods into account? Who knows what will happen! What aphrodisiacs have you ladies tried before? Did you know that these foods were aphrodisiacs?

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