7 Amazing Love Letters from the past Century ...

Love is definitely in the air at the moment, and there are stories of amazing love letters absolutely everywhere. From Nicole Kidman revealing the secrets of her apparently uber-romantic husband Keith Urban to Elizabeth Taylor’s letters to her first fiancé at 17 and even those saucy war-time letters from a British soldier to his wife that were auctioned recently, there have certainly been some amazing love letters to enjoy. Check these out, and give yourself that warm loved-up feeling.

1. Elizabeth Taylor…

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Elizabeth Taylor wrote such amazing love letters that a collection she wrote for William Pawley Jr, her fiancé at the age of 17, sold for $47,000 at an auction in 2011. The collection featured 66 letters from Elizabeth herself, alongside 20 letters from Elizabeth’s mother which implored 28-year-old William to leave her daughter alone. “I want our hearts to belong to each other throughout eternity – I want us to be ‘lovers’ always. Even after we’ve married seventy-five years and have at least a dozen great-grandchildren,” Elizabeth wrote in one letter, before turning more hostile in later letters: “I received your wire this morning about sending the ring and bracelet to New York. I have the ring on now, it is sparkling so beautifully in the sunshine. I suppose this will be the last time I have it on, at least for a while, so take good care of it Darling. My heart is embedded right there in the center of it.”

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