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7 Amazing Ways to Identify What You Want in a Relationship ...

By Lane

If you find yourself always wanting change, perhaps it is time to learn several amazing ways to identify what you want in a relationship. Don't ever settle for less than you deserve and don't take anything off anyone. Respect is the ultimate key to understanding what you want. Let's discover seven ways to identify what you want in a relationship.

1 Memes Don't Lie

I've learned so much about how to identify what you want in a relationship from random memes I've seen in social media. Granted, I'm a little sarcastic at times but still, there's some really good ones out there. If you've ever questioned your station in life or role in a relationship, they will educate you well. Among my faves is, "If you say I'm sorry more than you say I love you, you're not sorry." It helped me get through a really horrible relationship.

2 Self-respect

The right relationship allows for self-respect. If you've always felt disrespected in a relationship, it's time for a change. You can't expect others to respect you if you don't. Put yourself first in your relationships. Always stand up for yourself and make sure you respect yourself first. Although you have a best friend, you have to stand in for them on occasion and say, "No."

3 Intelligence—It's Vital

I'm the type that craves intellectual stimulation. If a guy lacks common sense and is unable to have a mature, intelligent conversation with me, I'll never be happy in the relationship. If you're like me, you should leave the guys who can't calculate basic multiplication alone. Also, those guys who don't know who Han Solo is, well, they're a little questionable, too.

4 The Silliness Returns

I'm silly and random. I burst into song and dance literally anywhere. Yes, people do stare, but it doesn't bother me at all. It's the silliness that reminds you not to take everything seriously, and it relieves stress. If you can't be silly together, maybe he's not the right guy.

5 Common Ground

I know opposites attract, but you've got to have some common ground. If you have absolutely nothing in common, your interest will fade. At certain points of the relationship, you will find yourself wanting to do something that is totally different than he does. It's always best to find someone who shares at least the essentials with you.

6 Hey J-Lo, I Got the Goosies!

The goosies and the butterflies in the pit of your stomach tell you everything. If you don't get them, this could be that sign that either you're at the point where you just want to be alone, or he just isn't the one. The goosies are a fun part of realizing that you really like someone.

7 Wow, Look at You All Happy!

When you are happy, it shows! You get this glow about you and everyone can tell. Happiness places your soul in harmony and it flows over into everything you do. You become a more positive person. If the guy you are with isn't bringing out the best in you, then he isn't the right guy.

Finding the right guy isn't always easy. It can be a bit extreme, but once you decide what you want, don't let anyone sway you away from that. What are some ways that helped you identify the right guy?

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