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7 Annoying Habits Girls in Relationships Should Drop if They Wanna Keep Their Man ...

By Holly

Finding a boy to date is great news. However, it doesn't mean that you should act like a completely different person. When you hang out with your friends, you should be your same old self. If you do a complete 180, then you could end up losing even your closest pals. That's why you should drop these annoying habits that some women start to develop once they enter a relationship:

1 Constantly Bragging about Him

Your boyfriend's name shouldn't be the only word that comes out of your mouth. It's okay to be proud of him, but you shouldn't brag about every little thing he does for you. Go ahead and show your friends the picture of the flowers he bought you, but don't brag about the gift for ten minutes straight. No one wants to hear it.

2 Always Letting Him Tag along

After you date a man for a long time, you become a packaged deal. Of course, that doesn't mean that you can bring him to parties and social events without asking your friends beforehand. If he shows up unexpectedly when your buddies wanted a "girls only" night, then they aren't going to be happy with you.

3 Posting Constant Social Media Updates

You can post pictures of your dates on Instagram and write mushy posts on Facebook for the world to see. Just don't do it constantly. If your friends are always stuck seeing updates about your "perfect" relationship, they're going to get sick of hearing about it. Do them a favor and dial it down a bit, unless you want them to block you.

4 Trying to Set Your Friends up

Some women will enter a relationship, and then immediately act like they know everything there is to know about love. Of course, you aren't superior, just because you have a boyfriend. Don't offer to set your friends up on dates and give them relationship advice when they didn't ask for it. They don't actually need your help.

5 Complaining about Everything He Does

Your friends don't want to hear you brag about your boyfriend every five seconds, but they don't want to hear you complain about him, either. If you always have something negative to say about him, they're going to encourage you to break up with him. You can't expect them to like him if you're always bashing him.

6 Showing off Your Gifts

If he buys you a gorgeous ring, you can show it to all of your friends. However, you don't have to draw attention to it every single time you put it on your finger in the future. Your friends already know where you got it from. You don't have to keep reminding them.

7 Canceling Plans at the Last Second

If you told your friends that you'd see a movie with them over the weekend, don't cancel plans with them to hang out with your boyfriend. You see him often enough. You don't have to head to his house whenever you have a minute to spare. Your friends deserve to see you just as much as he does.

Your boyfriend shouldn't replace your friends. You can sustain multiple relationships at the same time, you know. Do you have a friend that does these things whenever she lands a boyfriend?

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