7 Annoying Habits of Men in Their 20s ...

By Holly

7 Annoying Habits of Men in Their 20s ...

Don't assume that boys get smarter as they get older. Some guys in their 20s are just as immature as they were when they were preteens. According to Bro Bible, here are a few annoying habits of men in their 20s that bother most women:

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Leaving the Seat up

Leaving the Seat up Other people use the toilet. It's not all that hard to push the seat down, so that they don't fall in.


Saying They Prefer Girls Who Don't Wear MAKEup

Saying They Prefer Girls Who Don't Wear MAKEup We don't wear makeup for men. Their opinion on it doesn't make a difference to us.


Rating Girls

Rating Girls Even if men call us a 10, we don't want to hear it. Ranking girls is rude.


Playing Video Games Several Hours a Day

Playing Video Games Several Hours a Day He can play his Xbox every once in a while, but he shouldn't be playing it constantly. There are more productive ways to spend his time.


Not Asking Us Questions

Not Asking Us Questions He should want to know all about our day. If he never asks us questions, then we'll assume he doesn't care about us at all.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Obsessively Keeping His Options Open

Obsessively Keeping His Options Open If you like a girl, date her. Don't string her along in the hopes that another, better girl will come along.


Pretending He Doesn't Have Human Emotions

Pretending He Doesn't Have Human Emotions Men aren't all that different from women. We realize they're capable of crying, so they shouldn't pretend they're robots.

Do any of these habits bother you?

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Hahahaa the video game pic is sooo funny gossh lol.

In my case I didn't asked much, just some sort guys do not want commit.

AMEN! This stuff had to be said. Thank you!

Uh question... My boyfriend has a job and works and he seems really into the relationship but he has a habit of not checking in.. He's gone all day and It seems to worry that he's not only talking to me.. With him not at least texting to say he's okay.. Could he be cheating?

Haha for real!

7. He knows he has emotions, he's a human being. But he decides not to show them as much because he wants to look like he's strong. All guys do that no matter the age. BTW I'm a girl.

Us woman keep our options open when we're in relationships aswell

Honestly, guys sometimes say a girl looks pretty without makeup, but really she's wearing natural makeup. Guys just can't tell the difference very often. This article is so true

You're right XxAshleyMariexX.

That's why I am not dating. I have been with guys in their 20s and this article is true. I wish it wasn't so.