7 Annoying Habits of Men in Their 20s ...

By Holly

Don't assume that boys get smarter as they get older. Some guys in their 20s are just as immature as they were when they were preteens. According to Bro Bible, here are a few annoying habits of men in their 20s that bother most women:

Table of contents:

  1. leaving the seat up
  2. saying they prefer girls who don't wear makeup
  3. rating girls
  4. playing video games several hours a day
  5. not asking us questions
  6. obsessively keeping his options open
  7. pretending he doesn't have human emotions

1 Leaving the Seat up

Other people use the toilet. It's not all that hard to push the seat down, so that they don't fall in.

2 Saying They Prefer Girls Who Don't Wear MAKEup

We don't wear makeup for men. Their opinion on it doesn't make a difference to us.

3 Rating Girls

Even if men call us a 10, we don't want to hear it. Ranking girls is rude.

4 Playing Video Games Several Hours a Day

He can play his Xbox every once in a while, but he shouldn't be playing it constantly. There are more productive ways to spend his time.

5 Not Asking Us Questions

He should want to know all about our day. If he never asks us questions, then we'll assume he doesn't care about us at all.

6 Obsessively Keeping His Options Open

If you like a girl, date her. Don't string her along in the hopes that another, better girl will come along.

7 Pretending He Doesn't Have Human Emotions

Men aren't all that different from women. We realize they're capable of crying, so they shouldn't pretend they're robots.

Do any of these habits bother you?

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