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9 Annoying Habits You Wish Your Boyfriend Didn't Have ...

By Paula

You know those annoying habits you wish your boyfriend didn’t have? Weknow all have annoying habits, but sometimes your man’s bad habits can really get under your skin. Here are 9 of the most annoying habits you wish your boyfriend didn’t have.

1 He Ignores You

I’m not talking about ignoring serious things – it’s the little things that can be so annoying! If you’re talking about your friends and he has drifted off into a world of football and computer games, it can quickly get frustrating. This is one of the most annoying habits you wish your boyfriend didn’t have – I know it drives me mad!

2 He Forgets to Call

Sometimes we all get busy and forget to do what we say we will. It can drive you nuts when he says he’s going to call and then forgets though. In my boyfriend’s case, the PS3 is usually to blame – that or he’s drifted off for a nice nap in front of the television. Annoying


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3 He Can’t See Mess

If you’re unlucky enough to live with a messy man, you’ll quickly realize that some men don’t see mess the way we do. He thinks the flat is perfectly clean and tidy for your parents visit and doesn’t realize what the fuss is about! Empty pizza boxes and sofa cushions that need plumping say otherwise. Sometimes men just don’t get it!

4 He Burps in Public

There are usually two schools of thought when it comes to burping (or belching) in public – those who think it’s the height of rudeness and those who have been taught it’s how to show you appreciate a good meal. The problem comes when both of you have different views. I really hate when men (or women) burp in public places!

5 He Chats to Girls on Facebook

Ok, so they’re his best female friends, and you know there’s nothing more going on, but sometimes if you’ve had a bad day and you see their jokey banter on his wall you just get annoyed. It’s enough to make even the most secure woman question herself just a bit. The solution? Tell him it bothers you, if you really can’t deal with it – and try not to be looking at his Facebook every 5 seconds; that just isn’t healthy!

6 He Doesn’t Know How to Stack the Dishwasher

This should probably more accurately read ‘he pretends to not know how to stack the dishwasher.’ Some men have an uncanny ability to claim they don’t know how to use various household appliances, like the dishwasher, the washing machine or the hoover. Funnily enough he seems to have no problem working his laptop or games console. Next time it’s his turn to do the chores, let him figure it out for himself – this is the 21st century!

7 He Smokes

This is a pretty horrible habit, whether you’re male or female, and if you’re dating a smoker, prepare for your hair and clothes to reek. You’ll notice it most if they give up and then start again – this is when it really drives you nuts!

8 He Uses Your Toothbrush

This is a pet hate of mine – I never let anyone use my toothbrush! I just find it so gross, and if my boyfriend has stayed over and asks to use my toothbrush I always say no! I once lived with somebody who used my toothbrush all the time and it drove me crazy – the only mouth it should be in is mine.

9 He Spends All His Time on His Games Console

If you find you’re starting to forget what your boyfriend looks like, the chances are you’ve become a gaming widow. This happens to the best of us, and if your boyfriend has exchanged cozy nights in with you for cozy nights with his Xbox or PS3, something has to change! Unplugging the console and hiding it won’t work, and neither will speaking to him (well, it might work with some men). Men take notice of action, not words, so fill your schedule and be too busy to see him – he’s sure to sense something is up!

It’s not only men who have bad habits – we women have plenty too, from taking hours to get ready for a night out to being able to spend all afternoon talking about shoes. I’m sure your man probably exhibits some of these bad habits, and if he does they probably drive you crazy! What are some of your man’s worst habits?

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