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Answer These 26 Questions to Understand if You Are in Love or Just Infatuated ...

By Vrinda

It can be really hard to determine if we are in love with someone or just infatuated with them. If we can't figure that out, it can sometimes lead to broken hearts and failed marriages. To save ourselves from the misery and heartbreak, it's better to know how we really feel before we move on the next big step in a relationship. Answer these questions to understand if you are in love or just infatuated with your partner...

1 Infatuation - do You Not Acknowledge Their Flaws and Idealize What They Could Be?

2 LOVE - or do You Acknowledge Their Flaws and Accept Them for It and Help Them Work on It?

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3 INFATUATION - do You Quarrel Often and Have a Lot of Misunderstandings?

4 LOVE - or do You Talk about Your Issues in a Healthy Manner?

5 INFATUATION - Are You Just Physically Attracted to Him?

6 Love - or Are You Attracted to Him Emotionally as Well?

7 Infatuation - if You Are Not Sexually Active, do You Feel Bored and Think of Ending It Sometimes?

8 Love - or, do You Wait for It to Develop into Something Special and Work on It?

9 Infatuation - do You Focus on How He Laughs and Walks?


11 Infatuation - do Your Family and Friends Disapprove of Him?

12 Love - or do Your Family and Friends Approve of Him?

13 Infatuation - Are You More Interested in What You Get out of the Relationship?

14 Love - or do You like Making Your Partner Feel Happy and Safe?

15 Infatuation - do You Feel Bored after the Sexual Excitement Disappears?

16 Love - or do You Feel Joy in Whatever You do Together?

17 Infatuation - do You Often Talk about What Happened in the past?

18 Love - or do You Focus on the Present?

19 Infatuation - Does He Bring out the Worst in You?

20 Love - or Does He Brings out the Best in You in Terms of Ambition, Self-esteem, and Personal Development?

21 Infatuation - do You Feel Jealous and Insecure Often?

22 Love - or Does He Make You Feel Secure and Feel like You Can Completely Trust Him?

23 Infatuation - do You Only Hang out when Other People Are around?

24 Love - or do You Spend Quality Time Together?

25 Infatuation - do You Exploit the Other Person for Your Benefit?

26 Love - or do You Protect and Take Care of Your Partner?

These are important things to consider if you are thinking of moving on to the next step like moving in with your partner or marrying them.

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