Are You Destined to Break up?


The destiny of some relationships is failure. No matter what efforts you make, you might just have to accept that it’s not to be. How do you tell your relationship is on the road to Breakupsville?

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All of Your Arguments Are Vindictive

One of the key signs that may indicate you are destined to break up is if your arguments cross the boundary from a healthy view and expression to mean, vindictive personal comments. There is a huge difference between complaining that you are never listened to or shouting that your partner must have a hearing disability or just be plain stupid. Disagreements in a healthy relationship never have to be mean spirited and volatile.


There’s a Distinct Lack of Body Contact except during Sex

Admittedly, it is natural that as your relationship progresses and moves out of the ‘honeymoon’ period, there may be a slight change in the level of physical contact you have with one another. However, a complete lack of body contact between the two of you could be the indicator of a loss of intimacy and loss of feelings between the two of you.


You Know or Sense a Lack of Trust

Absolute trust is integral to maintaining a strong and healthy relationship. It allows you and your partner to stay close and confident in one another throughout your lives. However, if it seems as though this level of trust is beginning to decrease, you need to consider exactly why this is and whether you are going to be able to address it.


No Sharing of Emotion and Feelings Are Kept to Yourselves

It is very unhealthy to be invested in a relationship in which you do not feel you can truly express yourself. Sharing emotion and having an intimate support system in your partner is one of the best parts of being in a relationship. If you do not have this, think about what exactly you are getting from your partner, and whether it is worth it.


There’s Too Much Drama … about Everything

Of course, all relationships have their ups and downs, but it could be a sign that you are heading for a split if the majority of your relationship involves either stoking the flames of drama or trying to diffuse it. Drama is often caused when two people are together that do not necessarily share the same fundamental values and principles. Does that sound like you and your partner?


There’s a Waning Interest in One Another

No matter how fiery and intimate your relationship was to begin with, there is always the chance that your interest in your partner, and vice versa, could begin to wane over time. We cannot help where our hearts lead us, and you should not feel obligated to stay in a relationship that you are no longer invested in.


One of You Has Other Priorities

If you or your partner has elements of their life that they put above your relationship, this can put a great strain on your partnership. Whether it’s them putting their job first, other family members first, or even if you feel they might have a romantic interest elsewhere, not being able to devote enough time to the relationship could be fatal mistake.


There’s a Lack of Motivation for Either or Both of You

Sometimes it is easy to recognize that there is a problem in your relationship, but what is perhaps harder is finding the motivation to begin to address the problems and turn things around. If you and your partner are willing to do the hard work and give it another go, then that is great, but if not, then perhaps it might be time to move on.


The Lack of Empathy is More Obvious than You like

Sometimes a partner’s selfish nature can put an end to a relationship. It can be very emotionally tiring to have a bad day at work and then receive no sympathy from your partner when you get home. Such an intimate relationship needs empathy and sympathy to work successfully. Without this, there could be a big problem.

Some relationships can experience these things and come out the other side stronger. If you’re in a relationship exhibiting these signs, you have to evaluate if it is worth trying to save. It’s also ok to rule a line under it and move on, to put your efforts where they are more appreciated and there’s a greater payoff – for both parties.

Have you ever been in a “doomed” relationship? Did you move on or did it work out?

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