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How to Tell if Your Relationship Has Hit a Dead End or if It Has a Future ...

By Lyndsie

A dead-end relationship is a time-sucker, among other things. It wastes your time, it wastes your partner's time, and it can end up hurting both of you. The problem is that it's often difficult to tell that you're actually in a dead-end relationship versus a relationship that's actually going somewhere. It's easy to mistake a going-nowhere relationship for a rut or a rough patch. It's important to make the distinction as quickly as possible, however. You don't want to lose yourself in a relationship that isn't going to last or grow or inspire you any longer.

1 There is No Memory of Anything about You

asphalt, soil, flooring, love, geological phenomenon, If you've completely forgotten who you used to be, as an individual, and if you've lost all sense of who you are as a couple, you might be in a relationship that's ultimately going nowhere.

2 What Future?

person, blond, HES, deserve, somebody, It's impossible to see the future if you're with someone who doesn't make you look forward to tomorrow.


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3 What Friends?

person, hair, hairstyle, profession, moustache, When your friends seem to have fallen away over the course of your relationship, it's a red flag for a number of reasons.

4 Date Night Drags on and on Forever

black, painting, white, person, photography, If spending time together feels more like a chore than an adventure or a romantic activity, you might have a problem.

5 Affection in Public? as if

person, woman, ritual, Now, not everyone enjoys PDA, so keep this in mind only if you notice several other signs stacking up, as well.

6 You Fight Way More …

person, black, photograph, black and white, photography, Way more, as in all the time, as in you can't remember how long it's been since you went any length of time without arguing.

7 … than You Laugh or …

person, facial expression, emotion, are, boys, You know for a fact that you cry, frown, and yell more than you laugh or smile.

8 … Have Sex

person, black and white, facial expression, film noir, emotion, And, unfortunately, you know exactly how long it's been since you last had really passionate sex with each other.

9 You Are Always the One That is Making All the Effort

black, white, hair, person, painting, You are or your partner is – the point is, in most dead-end relationships, one person always puts forth more effort than the other partner.

10 Your Partner Puts Her/his Own Needs Ahead of Yours – or Vice Versa

person, woman, people, portrait, child, Similarly, one partner's needs are usually treated as worth more than the other person's in a relationship that isn't going anywhere.

11 You Never Felt Completely Yourself with Your Partner

person, black and white, facial expression, photography, painting, If you can't feel comfortable with your partner now, what makes you think things will change in the future?

12 You Have Made Yourself Clingy – and That is Nothing like You

person, hairstyle, painting, portrait, girl, It's common to want to cling on when you feel something or someone pulling away from you, even if that person or thing doesn't truly make you happy.

13 You Don't Check in on Each Other Anymore

person, emotion, official, SCREAMS, INTERNALLY, Once you stop checking in on each other, you've reached a point where you've also stopped caring.

14 Your Life Goals Simply Don't Match up

person, white, photograph, photography, black and white, Although some couples can overcome this with compromise, there's usually no interest in compromising when you're dealing with a dead-end relationship.

15 The Sex is Meh

person, ARE, YOU, KIDDING, ME?, The passion starts to fade into something sepia-toned and bland.

16 Your Relationship is Completely Family-free

person, Kill, Likewise, you may not spend a lot of time getting to know each other's friends because, why bother?

17 Vacations Together Never Happen

red, person, performance, painting, art, In fact, you might take vacations just to get away from your relationship for a little while.

Have you ever felt stuck in a relationship that's going straight to Nowheresville? Tell us about it!

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