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Are You in Love or Just Lust for Your Partner ?

By Gabriella

Are you in love or lust? We’ve all wondered whether we are falling in love with someone or just feeling lust for that person. It can be hard to know the difference between love and lust, but there are some obvious signs you can look for to help distinguish the difference between the two. Here's the answer for are you in love or lust?


1 You do Not Want to Have an Emotional Relationship with the Other Person. You Prefer to Keep the Relationship on a Purely Physical Level

2 You Don’t Enjoy Having Conversations with Him or Her. You Are Only Interested in Having Sex


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3 Your Attention is Focused on a Person’s Physical Appearance

4 You Don’t Want to Hear about His or Her Day when They Call or Text You

5 You Are Not Friends, Only Lovers

6 You Leave as Soon as Possible after Having Sex, so That You Can Avoid Having to Spend Time Together

7 You Don’t Want to Introduce Him or Her to Your Friends

8 You Prefer to See Him or Her at Night, and Usually on the Weekdays, so It Doesn’t Cut into Your Weekend Time

9 You Never Call or Text Message Him or Her, Unless It’s to Go over for Sex

10 You Never Think about How He or She is Doing, nor do You Think about What He or She is Doing


1 You Think about That Person Day and Night, Always Wondering What They Are Doing or Thinking about

2 You Want to Spend Quality Time Together outside of the Bedroom

3 You Enjoy Engaging in Conversation without Realizing How Much Time is Passing by

4 You Want to Spend Your Weekends Together

5 You Want to Introduce Him or Her to Your Friends

6 Your Mom Knows about Him or Her

7 You Are Motivated to Be a Better Person

8 You Enjoy Your Time Together

9 You Can Imagine a Future Together

10 You Have Zero Interest in Anyone else

Think about your relationship and look for any of these top signs to get a better insight as to whether you are falling in love or are just experiencing lust. Trust me, you will know if you are falling in love. We tend to smile more when we are in love. Some of us may even sing or hum a tune more often. We start to take better care of our appearance, working out more, and dressing nicer. You will feel more energized and positive about life in general. It really is an indescribable feeling. You will wake up thinking about that person and go to sleep wishing they were next to you.

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