Are You Looking for Love or Are You Just a Hopeless Romantic

By Neecey

Are you in love with love? This is definably different to being in love. Being a hopeless romantic means you see love in everything. You might go so far as saying you believe in fairytales and princesses who find their princes. Or does this not ring true with you? Do you see love on a more practical level – that it’s something you want in your life, but it’s not the be all and end all? So let’s see – are you a hopeless romantic or just looking for love?

Table of contents:

  1. are you “waiting” for your knight in shining armor?
  2. are you “searching” for your knight in shining armor?
  3. are you looking for a lover in the dark?
  4. have you been physically upset when a celebrity couple split up?
  5. do your eyes roll back when your friend tells you she is in love…again?
  6. is love different for you every time?
  7. do you have a checklist for all the attributes your future partner should have?
  8. do you cry when playing certain love songs?
  9. do men only buy you flowers when they have done something wrong?

1 Are You “waiting” for Your Knight in Shining Armor?

Do you honestly believe that one day the perfect man is going to find you? The operative phrase is “find you.” Are you sure he is going to come along and sweep you off your feet? If that is the case, ask yourself if you are a hopeless romantic.

Hoping the right man is going to find you is a little unrealistic, but it is not impossible. After all, women are hit on (subtly or otherwise) at least three times per week, and if you happen to be very attractive, then that number can go up to twenty times per week.

2 Are You “searching” for Your Knight in Shining Armor?

Some women wait for their knight in shining armor to rescue them, and others actively search for him. If you are looking for a man to spend your life with and to share your soul with, then maybe you are a hopeless romantic. The only time this may not be the case is if you are very insecure about being alone. If you are the sort of person that can be happy single, then it is fair and healthy if you are searching for a good man to spend your life with. If your motivation is slightly less noble, then maybe consider doing a little introspection and growing before you seek out your next boyfriend.

3 Are You Looking for a Lover in the Dark?

In other words, have you liked and/or enjoyed your boyfriends more in the dark? Do you prefer them when they are in bed and pillow talking rather than when you are out and about with them? If that is the case, it is unlikely you are a hopeless romantic. There is a good chance that either your pride or ego is getting in the way or you are picking the wrong type of man to take as your lover or boyfriend.

4 Have You Been Physically Upset when a Celebrity Couple Split up?

This may be a classic sign that you are a hopeless romantic. In your mind, you may have seen the look of love in his and her eyes and felt warmed and comforted by it. In your mind, it was yet more proof that real love exists and that it can happen at any time to any person. This idea or notion is often shattered when the celebrity couple breaks up, which can make a hopeless romantic physically upset.

5 Do Your Eyes Roll Back when Your Friend Tells You She is in Love…Again?

Some people seem to fall in love every time the seasons change. Maybe that person is a romantic, maybe that person seeks comfort in men, and maybe that person doesn’t know what “real” love is and so mistakes affection and caring for love. Those are fine reasons why a woman may frequently fall in and out of love, and a hopeless romantic will wish her the best and say, “Better luck next time, Mr. Right is just around the corner.” If you are not a hopeless romantic you may say, “Get your act together and stop falling in love with every guy you meet.”

6 Is Love Different for You Every Time?

A hopeless romantic will tell you that every time she falls in love, be it once per month or once per decade, that every time it is different, that every time she feels different emotions and has different experiences. Somebody that is not a hopeless romantic may “say” it is different with this guy, but may actually feel the same feelings and emotions she felt with the last guy.

7 Do You Have a Checklist for All the Attributes Your Future Partner Should Have?

A hopeless romantic will judge their future partner on how they feel and not on a checklist of attributes. Sure, few women want to date a druggy or a criminal, but other than that, a romantic woman will accept that love can happen anywhere at any time and with anyone (within reason of course).

8 Do You Cry when Playing Certain Love Songs?

There are some songs that women (and men) cry to because it reminds them of a certain heartbreak in their life. That is fair enough and it is natural and healthy. However, you may be heading towards being a hopeless romantic when you listen to love songs that have no emotional resonance with people or events in your own life. Romantic people are more able to recognize the emotion behind songs and are sometimes able to connect and empathize with the song to the point where they start to cry. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and frankly, there are some songs that are engineered to make people weep.

9 Do Men Only Buy You Flowers when They Have Done Something Wrong?

Hopeless romantics will tend to like nice and romantic things. If a hopeless romantic finds a good man, he will know she likes romance and will treat her to it. If you have found the wrong man or are not a romantic person, then you will only get flowers when he has done something wrong.

So, where do you fall? Are you a hopeless romantic or more pragmatic about love?

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