Are You Playing with Fire when It Comes to Your Sex Life?


Are You Playing with Fire when It Comes to Your Sex Life?
Are You Playing with Fire when It Comes to Your Sex Life?

STDs can seem like a big joke until you catch one. Are you playing with fire?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) just sounded the alarm about the rise of sexually transmitted diseases. According to the report, there was a record two million new STD cases reported in 2016 alone. Were you bumpin’ and humpin’ it in 2017? What about 2018? I mean safely, silly!

STDs are nothing new. I remember reading a article about a study that found that ancient chimps may have passed herpes to humans millions of years ago. They even had a picture of one of the actual chimp skulls!

His name is the “Nutcracker Man.” He probably caught herpes from someone millions of years ago in the club! Bad joke, I know.

Anyway, whether it’s herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV or AIDS, or even crabs, STDs have been around a long time. Are crabs considered an STD? Do you really want to find out the hard way?

Just a side note, this April, and multiple other sources had crazy articles about teens snorting condoms for some social media nonsense! The real trick seems to be to get teens to use them the right way! Boogers need a tissue, not prophylactics!

But seriously, this got me thinking. I’m a married man and wondered what it would be like dating these days if I were single. It couldn’t have been 25 years ago that if you wanted to meet someone, you would have to go to a house party, club, grocery store or a cookout. Many had the unfortunate experience of being set up by one of their friends on some blind date. It wasn’t unusual for someone to go two to three years or more without a single date. Maybe a quick interlude or one night stand here and there seemed to be the norm.

But whoa the internet! For years, sex has been just a click away! You got sites like,,,, or just a regular Facebook hookup. There is no shortage of opportunity!

Back in the day, you had people who would have gone a lifetime without a date, to now having four to five dates a week. This dramatically increases the odds of catching an STD. More dates, more partners. More partners, more exposure.

To make things worse, the STD shock-and-awe seems to have subsided. Back in the early 1990s when NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson announced he had the AIDS virus, it virtually shut down the entire planet. Today you have actor Charlie Sheen making a similar announcement and it gets buried in the 24-hour news cycle.

Remember the initial shock when Grammy-winning music artist Usher was accused by two women and one man of exposing them to herpes. One of the accusers saying she saw a “green discharge” from his you-know-what before contact. Guilty or not, the story came and went.

STDs aren’t going anywhere. According to the CDC, some are getting harder to treat with antibiotics. People are way too comfortable. Even for people who say they practice safe sex, they know even the best and most disciplined people can get sloppy and reckless in the heat of passion.

As mama would say, “Shut your mouth and listen!” There is a good reason. Why? Oral sex can be pretty spontaneous and dangerous. There is no fear of getting pregnant. Without this added fear of pregnancy, oral sex could seem like just a passionate kiss so-to-speak. But what about oral exposure to STDs? Everybody is doing it, right? But is it safe? The CDC says oral sex is not safe without the proper protection. What’s a freak to do? LOL

Again, STDs seem like a big joke until you catch one. Just saying the word gonorrhea garners chuckles. It’s a serious problem but doesn’t seem to be taken seriously these days. What about you? Are you playing with fire?

How many times have you met someone and said, “They seem healthy. They don’t look sick.” Or, what about when they are so cute and irresistible, it never crossed your mind to ask if they have something. Have we all lost our minds? Holy burning during urination! Is sexting the only way to go these days?!

The info is out there. The data is out there. The stories are out there. The warnings are out there. The STD-catching odds are increasing. Will it stop people from doing the nasty? I doubt it. People have always been in heat, but it seems far too many are getting burned. Just ask the CDC.

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