Are You πŸ€” Walking on Eggshells πŸ₯š in Your Relationship πŸ‘«?


Relationships are complex things by their very nature and there is no relationship that has not experienced periods of all kinds of uncertainty and angst. Relationships are hard work – a clichΓ©d term, but it is true. To commit to someone long-term involves many periods of frustration, irritation, sadness, anger, and hurt – as much as there are periods of happiness, contentment, elation, delight and bucket loads of love.

Those are the normal ingredients of any relationship, and to experience times as a couple where there is uncertainty and pain are some of the building blocks that created strength and bonds that last a lifetime. You just don’t get to being married or in a committed relationship for 10 or more years without considering things like divorce at some point. It’s all quite normal.

But if you feel like you might be walking on eggshells, and treading lightly all the time – there may be much bigger issues to deal with, and it may be time to take stock of where you are going in your relationship.

The Petty Stuff – When does fighting become an issue?

That cautious fury you both feel after a fight about who threw the wet towel on the bed/left the lid off the toothpaste tube/put the precious silver sugar spoon in the dishwasher and totally ruined it – is not walking on eggshells.

If you live with someone, despite what mass media and reality TV shows tell us – you are not going to be in love all the time. You will go through periods of lust alternating with boredom and other times where you feel totally disconnected as well. These are all signs of happily ever after for the most part.

But when you feel that you are totally on edge every day, that you are always trying to pre-empt mood swings, keep kids quiet, keep the house tidy, and keep massive outbursts to a minimum – you most definitely have a problem.

When the signs tell you everything

Everybody knows when their relationship is not working. Chances are that your friends and family know as well, but saying it out loud and actually doing something about it are the difficult parts. And it is human nature to stick with it, staying unhappy in a relationship because of money, family, and fear issues. We literally wait until it becomes atrociously unbearable, or until one of our friends or family starts to say something or steps in.

If you already know that things are not going well – but would like some confirmation – here are the top 4 signs you may need to get out of your relationship.

1. One Foot out of the Door

Do you feel like your partner constantly has one foot out of the door, never wanting to make a commitment, and always just keeping his or her options open? Do they threaten you with leaving when you have had a disagreement and do you worry constantly that you might not make it to the following weekend with them?

There is no future with a person like this; they are never going to give you what you need – a commitment from them to be with you - or not any time soon anyway. They are just passing the time with you until something better comes along. I don’t know about you, but I would rather be alone than be second best – unless they can make you a priority, show them the door.

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