7 Aries Love Traits to Watch out for ...


7 Aries Love Traits to Watch out for ...
7 Aries Love Traits to Watch out for ...

One of the first Aries love traits that you’ll notice is the fact that they are almost like a newborn child – they want their demands and needs fulfilled first. If you are in a relationship or want one with an Aries, you’ve got to understand and compromise with them a lot – among other things! I’ve come up with the top 7 Aries love traits that really will give you an idea of what your partner (or soon to be partner!) is like in a relationship.

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Very Strong Sense of Romance

By far, one of the biggest draws to an Aries and one of the best Aries love traits out there is their sense of romance. They are such a romantic at heart and they absolutely love everything that has to do with romance. If you’re looking for someone that will shower you with romantic gestures and that will instantly become your prince or princess charming, this is the sign for you.


Stubborn in Their Demands

One note you should pay attention to when you’re dealing with an Aries is the fact that they are stubborn. I’m a Pisces and I am pretty stubborn, so I can only imagine what an Aries is like! They want what they want and they don’t want to have to change their wants for anyone – keep that in mind.


Highly Egotistical in Nature

The Aries by nature is someone that has a really big ego and it’s an ego that can get harmed pretty quickly, so that means that you’ve got to make sure that you are sensitive to their needs and their wants. There is a reason why this particular sign is so demanding and you’ve got to take that to heart.


Needs Compromise

When you are in a relationship with an Aries, you’ve got to watch out for the compromising – they are going to need a lot of it! They want someone that isn’t going to demand a lot from them, but rather someone that is going to really be able to complement them and to compromise with them. This is a very demanding sign, so remember that!


Extremely Faithful

The best love trait of an Aries is all about the being loyal and faithful. This sign is known for being choosy with their love matches because of the fact that they are so demanding, so when they do slip into a relationship, they don’t like to mess it up and often, their eyes will never stray to another person.


Highly Expressive in Love

The best part about an Aries is that they are super comfortable with not just sharing their feelings (which we’ll get into!) but they are super comfortable in sharing their love. They absolutely love to shower their partner with love and they don’t have any problems with PDA typically.


Doesn’t Hold Back Feelings

Finally, if you make your Aries partner mad, you are going to hear about it. They aren’t shy about holding back their feelings and they certainly don’t mind sharing exactly what is on their mind. This can be a good and a bad thing if you really think about it!

So girls and guys, now that you know what love traits to watch out for when you are dealing with an Aries, what are some of the other traits that you’ve noticed with this particular sign? Share ‘em with me in the comments below!

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Yess true.... Veryyy stubborn and demanding.... My hubby its really difficult to handle him at times

Every bit of it is me...but not everyone likes those traits....I got dumped cuz of em...;(

Yeah totally feeling no. 2 right now :D


I believe I am seeing alit of these traits from my man...but I\'m loving it!!! Can\'t get better than this!

Not all true for this Aries

This is so true I'm an Aries and

Totally interesting, seems very similar to Leo. I can totally see how it\'d work. I\'d manage with a boyfriend or friend of this type, just the stubbornness we\'d have to work out (compromising for each other).

Aaah me! So true

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