3. What He's Most Proud of

What He's Most Proud of

This sounds like an interview question, but you should ask him what he's the most proud of accomplishing in life. He might tell you about a race he won as a child or the time he helped a little old lady cross the street. Most people don't like to brag, so he might not have mentioned the thing that he's the most proud of about himself.

What Would He Want to Know about the Future


Great advice!!!
I think they're all good-enough questions, they're sweet. But I definitely wouldn't ask a causal fling these questions...
Lol that funny πŸ˜‚
peony blue
It would be fun for the 1st question but leave the rest.
This is really good :) we reminisce about meeting a lot because it was such a funny situation
The first ones really nice. Move done this with my boy friend, helps you to remember things that happened on our first blind date.
Lily Petrosova
"What for he loves me?"-that's not the right question. To love a person, means to admit him as he is, but not for something. I would better ask- what do you like in me?:)
Thanks for posting this. I'm sure this is very helpful to all girls with boyfriends.
@Ashleypaige311 Me too!!! Haha you're funny!
@Ashleypaige311 we're on the same page. Guess you're not dying alone after all. :)
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