Ask Your Man 🤔 to Fill in the Blanks to These 17 Questions 💬 ...


It's time to play a fun game with your partner! Sit him down and ask him a few questions. There aren't any right or wrong answers, so he doesn't have to worry. Here are a few of the questions that you should ask your man to fill in the blanks for:

1. The First Thing I Noticed about You Was Your "BLANK"

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Don't you want to know what your man's first impression of you was?

2. "BLANK" is Our Song

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Even if you don't technically have a song, this will be a fun question to ask him. Maybe it'll help you finally pick one.

3. "BLANK" Made the First Move

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It's funny how different your memories can be. Even though you think you made the first move, he might say that he did.

4. Your "BLANK" is My Favorite Thing about You

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Maybe he'll tell you his favorite physical feature of yours. Maybe he'll tell you his favorite personality trait.

5. "BLANK" Always Reminds Me of You


He could tell you that a certain show, food, or phrase always makes him think of you.

6. "BLANK" is the Best Gift You Ever Bought Me

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Once you know which gift was his favorite, it'll be easier for you to buy gifts that are just as great in the future.

7. "BLANK" is Your Most Annoying Habit

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This could start a fight. However, it might help you two solve a problem you didn't know existed.

8. "BLANK" is the Word You Use the Most

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Sometimes, we don't realize that we overuse certain words or phrases. That's why it can help to have your man point them out.

9. I Know You Love Me, Because You "BLANK"

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What do you do that proves your love to your man? Give him the chance to tell you.

10. "BLANK" is the Best Meal You Make

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Don't you want to know which meal your man loves eating the most?

11. Your "BLANK" Always Makes Me Smile

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He could answer this question by saying that your laugh always makes him smile, or that your dance moves always make him smile.

12. When You "BLANK," It Turns Me on

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You might not even realize that the little things you do get your man in the mood.

13. I "BLANK" on Purpose to Turn You on

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There are probably a few things that your man does purposely, just so he can get your juices flowing.

14. "BLANK" Was My Favorite Date

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You two have been on plenty of dates, but do you know what your man's favorite one was? Well, now you will.

15. My Favorite Sex Position is "BLANK"

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Once you find out this info, you can use it to your advantage in the bedroom.

16. You Look Best While Wearing "BLANK"

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Maybe he'll say that he loves you in dresses. Maybe he'll say that the loves you in the color blue. It's nice to know what he likes the best.

17. I Can’t Wait to "BLANK" with You

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Maybe he'll talk about how he can't wait to grow old with you or go on vacation with you. Or maybe he'll just say that he can't wait to have sex with you.

Ask your man these questions to find out more about him. What other questions can you come up with?


Lissa Vida
We are having fun
Good idea to try yeaaah 😁
Love it!!
I just messaged my bf and told him we're going to play the "blank" game, Kool!
Âśfîÿå Táj
Âśfîÿå Táj
I got d answers
Aiza Lunar
Aiza Lunar
Im atill waiting for his answer😝
Great one
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