12 Astrological Compatibility Tips for a Capricorn Sign ...

By Heather

With all of the different astrological compatibility tips for a Capricorn sign, it's so hard to actually be able to figure out which sign is going to work best with you! If you're a Capricorn and you really want to figure out what astrological compatibility tips for a Capricorn sign are going to work for you, don't worry, I've got them all below! I will detail out each relationship so that you really know exactly what you are getting yourself into!

Table of contents:

  1. capricorn & capricorn
  2. capricorn & aries
  3. capricorn & taurus
  4. capricorn & gemini
  5. capricorn & cancer
  6. capricorn & leo
  7. capricorn & virgo
  8. capricorn & libra
  9. capricorn & aquarius
  10. capricorn & pisces
  11. capricorn & sagittarius
  12. capricorn & scorpio

1 Capricorn & Capricorn

The Capricorn sign in general is completely complex and is all about pride, strength and self-sufficiency. Once you get two Capricorn's together, it would seem like a perfect match right? The problems might come up with the fact that you both are so predictable, you got to live a little bit. Don't ignore the unpredictable side of you! This is my very first of 12 astrological compatibility tips for a Capricorn sign.

2 Capricorn & Aries

This is another fantastic pairing that really understands each other on a deeper level than most of the other signs. Both of these signs are super determined and they are very certain with their rightness in their viewpoint. This combination is all about taking risks and really teaching each other things. The problem? Well, you both might have different viewpoints and that could cause some conflict. Watch that!

3 Capricorn & Taurus

The thing about this pairing is that they are perfect! Both of these two signs are earthy, security-oriented and both take risks involving their emotions. Both of these signs are realistic enough to really know that perfection is not possible and they both enjoy using practical skills. So, what could be wrong with this pairing? No excitement! You've got to watch getting into a rut with this particular pairing because both of you are creatures of habit.

4 Capricorn & Gemini

A lot of the attraction in this particular pairing is all going to revolve around mutual admiration and a respect that is so deep for both of your abilities and talents. The Gemini can actually inspire the Capricorn and open a lot of new and exciting doors, while the Capricorn can offer a bit of structure to the Gemini. So, what is going to be the problem? The emotional inhibitions and really sharing your feelings with one another.

5 Capricorn & Cancer

When you are a Capricorn with a Cancer, it is basically a meeting of complete opposites, however, you are united by common ground of security, stability and just a solid domestic lifestyle. You both want family and family is most important to both of you. The problem? It's all about the emotions. The Capricorn is possessive and feels a need for boundaries, while the Cancer can feel a lot of rejection from the Capricorn when they put up boundaries.

6 Capricorn & Leo

This is a pairing that is all about strength and power. The Capricorn is very self-sufficient, tenacious and totally committed to achieving their goals, while the Leo is all about self-expression and charisma and they are connected to their inner imaginative vision. This particular pairing will struggle, only because they are so opposite, but it is definitely a pairing that will last if you can make it work.

7 Capricorn & Virgo

Both of these particular signs know exactly how to cope with the real world and both signs will actually appreciate the common sense that each sign has. Deep down, both of these signs want security in their personal lives and also emotionally, so that is what brings this particular duo together! The problems that could come up is too much organizing, too much realism. You've got to have some imaginary in your life when you're in this relationship!

8 Capricorn & Libra

This match up is going to be a difficult one to keep together, as you both are going to be irritated yet fascinated by one another, but it'll be worth it if you can keep it together. The Libra is a sign that can teach a broader scope of life, an appreciation of the small things and the abstract realm, while the Capricorn can teach the Libra all about the material rewards that come from hard work. What's the problem? Well, the Libra is a true idealist, while the Capricorn is not and that can sometimes make the collide.

9 Capricorn & Aquarius

These signs have great admiration for one another. They both share a need for privacy and both want some type of structure in their lives. They both are super loyal and offer mutual support and friendship, but the problems all dwell down on emotions. Emotions aren't something that the Capricorn want to face and it can lead to some uncomfortable situations.

10 Capricorn & Pisces

The thing about this incredible match up is that the Capricorn wants someone to look after and the Pisces is a sign that loves to be looked after. The Pisces is a sign that loves to inspire and that is something that the Capricorn loves about them. There is a mutual protective instinct in this relationship. The only problems might be is in the area of control. The Capricorn does like to control everything – just like the Pisces.

11 Capricorn & Sagittarius

This match is one of those that is not only amazing, but it is a match up that will last for quite a while if you let it. The Sagittarius is always going to try to bring out the earthy Capricorn's adventurous side. The problem with this particular pairing is the very qualities that bring them together. The Sagittarius might feel stifled by the fact that the Capricorn is constantly grounded and has to have control, so watch that!

12 Capricorn & Scorpio

This is a pairing that is all about complexity and support. These signs are both serious signs that are deep and don't want to take risks without knowing the rewards. The Capricorn can help the Scorpio be a bit more objective about emotions, while the Scorpio can pull some of those inner conflicts from the Capricorn. The problem? The trust issue. Neither one of you are big on trust. At all.

Relationships, no matter what sign you are, are hard. All you Capricorn's out there, what signs have you been in a relationship with? Give 'em up!

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