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12 Astrological Compatibility Tips for a Pisces Sign ...

By Heather

With all of the different astrological compatibility tips for a Pisces out there, how are you supposed to know exactly what sign is going to work for you? I'm a Pisces and when I started to do my research on the top astrological compatibility tips for a Pisces, I was so surprised with who I was compatible with and what signs I should stay away from! So, you ready to see what signs you might be compatible with and what signs you might want to stay away from?

1 Pisces & Pisces

Ah, the best astrological compatibility tips for a Pisces always start when two of the same signs get together. A Pisces/Pisces love match is actually pretty ideal, as they are both equally committed to maintaining the ideal relationship. The Pisces is a sign that is naturally peaceful and they are extremely sensitive to negative energy. When you do have a relationship that consists of two Pisces, they can be a little lazy and can bring out the best and worst in each other. You've got to watch out for your flexibility too, because Pisces are known to adapt to anything and everything.

2 Pisces & Aries

When a Pisces and an Aries come together, they actually can be really good for each other, as the Aries is a really strong sign and they follow without a second thought. The Pisces is a quieter sign and is more internally focused. Aries is a leader, with a ton of initiative, while a Pisces can actually be the protector. The Pisces understands the Aries more deeply than any other sign and the Aries gets the Pisces more than any other sign.

3 Pisces & Taurus

The Taurus is a hard, hard sign to get along with, but do you know what the perfect union for a Taurus is? The Pisces. Because the Pisces is a quieter sign, they can handle the Taurus being a little more dominant and they can offer kindness and gentleness to the usually brash Taurus sign. The Taurus is a lover all of the time and they understand the Pisces' simple nature – even though the Pisces is not simple at all.

4 Pisces & Gemini

Ah, the Gemini and the Pisces combination. This is a harder one, as the Gemini can be quick-witted, silver-tongued and can actually bring a little dash of sarcastic humor. The Pisces expects the unexpected when they are in a relationship with the Gemini and the great thing about this union is the flexibility in the relationship and the bond. These particular signs make great friends and lovers, but you might want to watch out for the brashness of the Gemini, as the Gemini has been known to say things without thinking.

5 Pisces & Cancer

The Cancer sign is one sign that is amazing for the Pisces, as they understand the simplistic, minimalist lifestyle and while they might work towards different goals sometimes, they understand each other. Both of these signs are super tolerant, totally sympathetic and the Pisces can actually get really excited by the Cancer's ideas.

6 Pisces & Virgo

In general, this love match is a peaceful one, but you've got to beware, as they are opposite. The struggle in this relationship is going to be understanding one another and communication. The Virgo will provide a really strong and steady base for the Pisces, while the Pisces will help the Virgo fulfill their dreams and give them the tools to turn whatever they want into reality. It's a hard union, as they are opposite, but it's a great one!

7 Pisces & Leo

Now, this particular union, I can tell you for sure (as Lyndsie is a Leo!) is hard but it's so worth it. The fire and passion that the Leo brings to the relationship is amazing, but there is always going to be some communication issues and always going to be some frustrations, as these signs are polar opposites. If you are a Pisces and you want a relationship that is a little harder, but filled with intensity and passion, this is the one for you! The Leo can help provide the passion and fire that the Pisces needs, while the Pisces can provide the nurturing and contain the Leo a little.

8 Pisces & Aquarius

When these two signs get together, it is a beautiful thing. Both of these signs are super idealistic and dreamy. They want to both look for solutions to problems rather than complain about them and they both tend to be introspective. This duo is extremely complementary and it is a really deep bond.

9 Pisces & Libra

This is actually a romance that is super even-tempered and it's truly a smooth-sailing love affair. The two signs actually complement each other perfectly and if they do have a fight, it is typically over pretty quickly. The Libra hates to have conflict and so does the Pisces. The thing you've got to watch out for is contentment with these two signs.

10 Pisces & Scorpio

This is a relationship that will be full of respect, understanding and insight. These particular signs understand one another, they know what will make their dreams come true and they go for it. The Scorpio will appreciate the Pisces' gentleness and kindness, while the Scorpio will bring in some comfort and intense emotions!

11 Pisces & Sagittarius

The one thing about this union that will most likely be a little bit of an issue is the fact that the Sagittarius is typically a really outgoing sign, while the Pisces is typically a little reserved. Us Pisces can adapt to anything, including being a bit more social! This relationship can be completely healthy, despite being somewhat opposite in some things.

12 Pisces & Capricorn

Finally, the last pairing is all about devotion. If these two signs get together, they are completely devoted to one another and they admire one another. The Capricorn will appreciate the kind nature of the Pisces, while the Pisces will appreciate the quick wit of the Capricorn.

So, there you have it! All of the different signs that go best with the Pisces! I am a Pisces to the tee – are you? How well does your relationship fit into this? Tell me!

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