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12 Astrological Compatibility Tips for an Gemini Sign ...

By Heather

With all of the different signs out there, it's really hard to find the very best astrological compatibility tips for a Gemini sign. I've looked everywhere and I've come up with some of the best astrological compatibility tips for a Gemini, so that you know what you might be getting yourself into whenever you are slipping into a relationship with another sign. So girls and guys, you ready to see what signs are going to work best with a Gemini? Take a look!

1 Gemini & Gemini

By far, one of the most asked questions about what astrological compatibility tips for a Gemini out there is: is a Gemini compatible with another Gemini? Well, when these signs get together, it really is like four people coming together, as a Gemini has multiple people living inside them (remember the twins sign?). In this relationship, there should be a ton of chatter, a lot of stimulation and these signs will bounce ideas off of one another. They will banter a lot, but they also have to make sure to keep their feelings out there too. This can be a relationship that is super happy and totally satisfying, but it can also be difficult when it comes to emotions.

2 Gemini & Aries

When it comes to this pairing, the connection on a physical level is amazing, along with the connection on an intellectual level. There will be excellent communication and a truly deep understanding of one another, however, the Aries can be a sign that is controlling, while the Gemini is a sign that flirts and is a little more free-spirited. This is something that you'll have to watch out for and that you'll really have to take into consideration when you jump into this type of relationship.

3 Gemini & Taurus

Now, this is a delicate pairing, as both of these signs are opposite and they have opposite views on what a relationship is. There are going to be a lot of learning in this relationship, but it is absolutely worth it! Freedom is something that the Gemini needs to have, while the Taurus can be a little overbearing, so keep that in mind! The Gemini may also see the routine-oriented Taurus as a little boring sometimes, and the Taurus might see the Gemini as flighty and a little lacking in substance, so beware of that!

4 Gemini & Cancer

This relationship is one that is super curious and one that might have a little trouble in the communication department. Cancer is a sign that is very emotional, but they have a really hard time communicating, while Gemini is a sign that has a silver tongue and really loves to communicate. This is a relationship that could be filled with reassurances, as the Cancer can be insecure when it comes to intimacy, while the Gemini is a confident sign. A little work and this relationship can be beautiful!

5 Gemini & Leo

This amazing love affair is all about playfulness, all about being high-spirited and all about optimism. As you know, the Gemini sign in general thrives on mental stimulation – so does the Leo! The Leo is a creative, dramatic person that is filled with the intellectual stimulation that the Gemini craves. Both the Leo and the Gemini signs are full of energy, therefore they get along really, really well. One problem in the relationship? Jealousy, the Leo is a person that is flirty and so is the Gemini, so there could be some feelings hurt.

6 Gemini & Virgo

This is a relationship that is going to be tough, all of the time. These particular signs are completely opposite and if you are going to jump into a relationship with a Virgo, you've really got to make sure that you understand the Virgo sign. The relationship is going to be steady and both signs are going to anchor one another, but it might take some time. The Gemini is flirty and the Virgo is serious, but the Gemini can have a positive influence on the Virgo, while the Virgo can make the Gemini toughen up a bit.

7 Gemini & Pisces

This is a couple that is absolutely mutually satisfying! It's a beautiful relationship that is filled with quick wit, humor and a connection that is unbeatable! The Gemini will be able to focus the dreamy Pisces and will ensure that they stay on track, while the Pisces will show the beautiful Gemini what emotions are really like. They are both agile, both flexible and these two signs together is all about the connection!

8 Gemini & Aquarius

The mental connection on this particular pairing is phenomenal! The Gemini is someone that loves all of the ideas and visionary aspects that the Aquarius sign will bring to the table, while the Aquarius will make sure to ground the Gemini a little bit. One thing that you do have to watch out for in this particular relationship is the fact that the Aquarius sign is a little stubborn, while the Gemini might dawdle a little too much. Keep that in mind when you are in this particular relationship.

9 Gemini & Sagittarius

These two signs are amazingly compatible! Any rough spots that might happen in this particular pairing are smoothed over in a matter of moments, as they understand one another; they get it. The Gemini needs to be free on a mental basis and so does the Sagittarius. If you are looking for the perfect pairing for a Gemini, this is truly it!

10 Gemini & Libra

Another beautiful love match are these two signs. The Libra and Gemini both have a ton of mental energy and they can both come up with a ton of different ideas, together. The Libra has the beautiful productive nature, which the Gemini lacks, while the Gemini brings forth a ton of ideas on how to be productive in a different way. These two signs are like ying and yang.

11 Gemini & Scorpio

This is another one of those beautiful relationships that you'll have to really work at it to make it last. The Scorpio is a sign that is typically secretive, intense and determined, while the Gemini is a little more free-spirited, adaptable and outgoing. That means that these two signs are completely opposite, but they can still go together; you might just have to work at it to make it last a long time.

12 Gemini & Capricorn

These two signs are the most opposite on the entire list. It is a difficult relationship to be in and you could wonder why you are in the relationship in the first place – until you remember how much you love your partner. The Capricorn is concerned with advancement and a ton of status, while the Gemini is just concerned with having fun and being mentally stimulated.

So, now you know exactly which signs work together with a Gemini and which don't. Have you ever been in any of these pairings? Give up the deets girlfriends!

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