Attachment Styles: 11 Ways to Spot an Avoidant for Attentive Girls ☯️ ...


An 'Avoidant' is one of the main types of attachment styles that can be recognised from a few major key signs.

If you're getting involved with someone new, remember that they may not necessarily be an Avoidant but it may pay to keep your eyes peeled for any telling signs of their attachment style - whatever that may be!

This will help you work out what kind of relationship it will be and ultimately if they are compatible with you.

1. They May Stress Boundaries

They May Stress Boundaries

To maintain personal space, distance and independence they often create strict boundaries between themselves and their partner.

These can vary between physical and emotional, but ultimately acts as a 'barrier' so that they can never be fully reached or accessible (which is when they feel both threatened and suffocated).

They May Withhold Feelings


Wow this is me two I don't know what to do I've been through so much I wish I could snap out of it.
Omg I'm an avoidant?! 😱
So, if you think you're in this type of relationship what do you do? Just let them do what they want or end it?
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