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I’ve realized that one of the best gifts to give your guy are adventure experiences. It’s so hard to shop for your man, because really, if he wants that new phone, he’ll get it, and chances are he knows more of what cool accessory his car needs than you do. But giving the gift of a memory is something that is totally cool and completely unique! So here are 7 awesome adventure experiences to give your guy.

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One of the coolest adventure experiences you can give your guy (and yourself) is to go sailing. If you’re lucky enough to live by a lake or the ocean, there is bound to be a whole bunch of tours or rentals you can find! A lot of these kinds of tours take place around sunset, so not only will it be romantic (bonus for you!) but if your man loves the water, this will be one of the best adventure experiences you can give him!


Water Zorbing

For my man’s birthday, I took him water zorbing. No idea what that is? You know those big clear hamster balls where you can literally walk inside? You can walk on water or down a hill or something? That’s water zorbing, and it’s one of the most fun activities you can ever do in your life! It’s one of those adventure experiences that neither of you will forget! If you two are up for getting a little wet and knocked about, this is the adventure to go with.


Tree Top Trekking

This is the next thing to do on my list of adventure experiences, and luckily for me I have a man who would love it as well! You get to walk around on suspended bridges in the middle of the forest, waaay up in the trees, and be surrounded by the gorgeous nature you usually see on screensavers. So what are you waiting for? Gift this to your guy!



If any of you ladies live in Toronto, or somewhere close to it – you can go to Edgewalk. This is one of the coolest adventure experiences you can gift your guy, especially if your man is someone who loves walking on the edge (no pun intended)! You get to walk along the edge of the CN tower and have the most spectacular view of the city. This is open rain or shine but only in the summer months, so it fills up fast. If you want this, book now!


Wine Tasting

For the guy who is a little mellow and enjoys discovering new foods and tastes (and doesn’t mind getting a little tipsy!) this is one of the perfect adventure experiences. Not only will you get to walk around a gorgeous winery and vineyards, you’ll also get to drink delicious wine and have all these yummy breads and cheeses you normally just gaze at while grocery shopping! Plus, any gift with food is bound to be a hit!



Or snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, whatever you love to do in the snow! One of the best adventure experiences to give your guy, especially if you’re strapped for ideas during the winter months is to just embrace the snow! Not only is it fun, but it’s a great way to spend your time outdoors even while it’s a little cold out! Plus what could be a better way to wrap up a special day than by sipping hot chocolate together to warm you both up?


Segway Tours

Segways are awesome wouldn’t you agree? It’s a step up from biking, not quite as dangerous as sitting on a motorcycle, and super easy to learn! Most cities have Segway tours that will take you around a park or a certain part of town you rarely set foot in. it’s one of the best adventure experiences to give, and the best thing about it is there are tons of options. There are ghost tours, historic tours, nature tours ... pick whatever it is that your man loves, and go ahead and book this adventure!

There are so many cool gifts you can give your guy, and while you can’t wrap up an adventure, it is something that the both of you will always remember. Plus it’s a great way to bond and have fun, and that’s what gifts are all about! So tell me, what other adventure experiences can you think of?

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