7 Awesome Benefits of Living the Single Life ...


7 Awesome Benefits of Living the Single Life ...
7 Awesome Benefits of Living the Single Life ...

We put way too much pressure on ourselves to be in a relationship all the time! The fact is, it's okay to be single. In fact, if we could only realize how wonderful being single is, maybe we wouldn't waste so much time fretting about it. Guest contributor Stephanie gives us her reasons why single life is awesome and we couldn't agree more!

Living the single life is beautiful and gives us ladies our independence. You don’t have to worry about doing anyone’s laundry and cooking their favorite meals. From making rational decisions, to having more free time to yourself, you get to be silly without any care in the world. While some of us might view the single life as loneliness there are some incredible perks to it. If you're interested read along to know the 7 benefits of living the single life.

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Soundless Peace

Who doesn't love some peace and quiet? I know I do. When living single you're able to concentrate more on whatever you're doing without having interruptions. You tend to be more alert about everything around you because your mind is at a calm setting where you get a better understanding of things.


You're in Control

Being in control of your own life is one of the best experiences. You basically have your own rules of how things go down and not have to worry about affecting any one. For the most part you get to wake up when want, go out when you want and come in when you want. You mainly just do what you want when you want. My tip to you is be safe and careful. But besides that you can just sit in your living room on your couch all day spending quality time with yourself watching TV and movies.


Everything Stays in Place

This is one the best parts because your important things are not being touched. You don’t have to worry about having someone move in with you. Your home stays neat and your items aren't misplaced or replaced from where you first originally put them. Everything stays in place and you can directly locate them.


Everything Belongs to You

When living the single life it’s okay if you break a dish or two by mistake at your home. Basically, all the items in your home are yours. You don't have to be in total shock if any accident or mess happens to one of your favorite items because it’s yours and not anyone else’s. You can touch anything without asking because it’s your home after all, with no strings attached.


You Become More in Tune with Yourself

You get to focus a lot on yourself and look within who you are and discover different aspects about yourself you maybe never even knew. You also have time on your hands where you are able to be creative and find out what you are truly inspired by and really question what makes you happy? what makes you sad? and when do you feel your best? That can be quite fun!


You Will Not Have to Share

Sharing is caring but sometimes it sucks. Like for example ladies, all your favorite foods at home belong to you and only you. You don't have to make this perfect meal for two but just your favorite or simple meal for one. You’ll have your foods waiting in the refrigerator, freezer or cabinet ready to be cooked by you after a long day. Bon Appetit!


You Have Your Own Privacy

There are some things you usually want to keep to yourself. It can be very personal or not that personal like walking around your home half naked with one sock looking silly or doing a crazy dance move you saw on TV this morning. You don’t get looked upon as a weirdo by anybody at these embarrassing moments. You also don't have to mind much about having a messy home if you didn't have time to clean it because you'll clean it anyway at your own time.

There is nothing wrong living the single life or whichever life you choose. Just always enjoy life and live it to the fullest no matter what. At the end of the day ladies, it’s up to you to decide how you want to live your best single life. I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion on anything, I'm just stating the benefits of a fun experience.

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I felt a bit of benefit when I became a single, but I sat on it too long and now I cannot get out! Terrible !

Not single anymore but yes these were all Very good reasons (:

Single is the best

Love being single.... Can think of nothing better personally!

Ill take being married over being selfishly bored at home alone single any day lol

I definitely agree with the part about focusing on yourself and finding out what makes you happy! It's great :) I feel like I have way more time for me and can put more effort into me

Your next post 'How to dump other half and keep everything!'

Single good but also nice to wake up with someone

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