8 Awesome 😎 Gifts 🎁 to Give Him πŸ‘« when You're in a Long Distance ✈️ Relationship πŸ’˜ ...

Little gifts can go so far and mean so much! Why not give your man something little to let him know he is always in your thoughts? Little reminders do not have to cost a lot. Again, it is the thought that counts.

This video gives a few tips...

Mae Beerman
Published on Sep 21, 2014

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1. Handwritten Letter

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Put some lipstick on and give the letter a little kiss.

2. Flowers

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Even men can receive flowers! Who said only women get flowers?

3. Large Stuffed Animal

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Something to cuddle.

4. Unique Pillowcases

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Something to lay his head upon while apart.

5. An Item from Your Town

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He'll feel close to you.

6. Gift Card to Their Favorite Store

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A real treat. He gets to select a gift that he wants.

Not too hard, huh?

A gift for any cost range. From the cost of a stamp to the cost of a gift card. Let your man know he is always on your mind.

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